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Worst carpet cleaningIf there is one single shakey, greasy, gimmickry industry today it has to be the Carpet Cleaning industry. The worst carpet cleaning is not only dirty, soaked, full of soapy residue but also one that you got ripped for on price.

If there is one thing you can’t blame on carpet cleaners that would be being smart. For most carpet cleaners just starting out you just copy another company. They usually gravitate to the types on  craigslist or the group’s and copy their tricks. Most of the scams are so old from back in the day but still get carried over by the not so brilliant today.

The in your face scams are the too good to be true price ad but usually always includes the words basic, standard or general carpet cleaning. It doesn’t include what is included for that price purposely so that it will all get added in once in your home. These advertisers being greasy have no concept of cleaning so you get that quick & dirty carpet cleaning.

The gentler scams will not list price just to get you to call in order to sell you. Then once in your home a hired tech (employee) that is motivated on 30% commission sales will get you to buy extras. The problem here is that if that tech isn’t making a sell then he or she is not motivated for quality, just to hurry up and get this job over with to get to the next & sell.

Another problem of the worst carpet cleaning in San Diego is a carpet left full of chemical soap residue. This is a common tactic to get you to call earlier for another cleaning because of rapid re-soiling. Another reason for this is the use of inferior cleaning solutions that are cheap. The carpet cleaner never shows the client the product or what the ingredients are.  A franchise carpet cleaning on the radio advertises they don’t leave a residue but use a chemical breaks down the carpet dyes, while the carpet is left soaked the chemical is active and does it’s damage.

Soaked carpet not only damage carpet backings but get into paper seam tape and start mold. Mildew is another terrible thing that starts that smell on day 2. The classes offered to carpet cleaners used to teach the importance of drying by air movers and multiple dry extraction passes. That all got replaced by what many carpet cleaners advertise as “Quick” as if it’s a badge of honor.

Now, one of the worst carpet cleaning games is by advertising on Google and setting up fake business names with multiple phone numbers. These are those that sub-contract the work out. They call carpet cleaners in that city, state trying to sell the work out. I’m Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning & Repair. If you search for green carpet cleaning these guys usually have 2 paid ads up as 2 different companies. How do I know this? Angry consumers call me constantly asking why I didn’t show or why their carpet is still soaked. When we hash it all out, they don’t know who they called but a company close to the top of the search page when they searched Green Carpet Cleaning. Many sub-contract, so always do a company and especially a phone number search to read up on who you are calling before you decide.

My process is simple, 1st is I am the owner & operated ever since 1994. You get what I advertise and I never upsell. Next, I list my exact prices, what comes with it and any Specials that are included, just click this – SPECIALS PAGE

As a veteran I provide 10% off for veterans, active duty military and police to include police veterans. No discounts for FBI or politicians! All of my work includes my non-toxic green service, fast dry service and a minor carpet repair. You start by a carpet warranty inspection and install inspection just like you should always get. I repair carpet so you can also get your carpet repaired at your request.Worst carpet cleaning



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