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Almost all carpets I service have installation flaws in San Diego. Let’s be realistic & don’t make this to be something it is not but it’s simply because this is a border town. Much of our cheap labor comes from across the border. You buy carpet or flooring from a carpet or floor store and they send out the cheapest sub-contractors they can find and all too many times they are not from here. This is why you wonder why your carpets are buckled and loose. It is simply because your carpet was not installed, it was just laid in and bumped in with a knee kicker, it was not installed with a power stretcher that is required in order to do an install.

Carpet buckling san diego
Loose carpet

Many consumers that believe they are smart price shop and that is where the advertisers get you. Most people have learned their lesson but surprisingly many have not. Here is an example of an advertisement that Home Depot advertised: buy whole house carpet and get it installed for $36. If that didn’t sound an alarm but you got very excited then you deserved what you got. A year later you are wondering what is wrong with your carpet. Now you get to pay up.

Carpet stretching with power stretcher

You need to hire me or someone else to do what your installer did not do: install your carpet by pulling it off the walls and power stretching it in to remove the slack and the wrinkles.

Carpet stretching san diego

Normally we come into clean and see that your carpet was not legally/technically installed and needs power stretching. Some call it re-stretching but in order to say that then it must have been stretched at one time. But it never was so it needs stretching and it is always best to do this before the cleaning. This is why it’s best to use a carpet cleaner that also does carpet repair in San Diego. There are a large majority of not so smart carpet cleaners that believe carpet is all the same, have no clueas to what type of carpet backing supports your carpet, or how to provide a pre-inspection of your carpet before they clean it.

The carpet inspection will tell a cleaner and you everything about it: what type of carpet backing & pad, what type of carpet fiber, color loss spots & possible break down of more dyes, permanent stains, fiber distortion or manufacturer defects and a proper or improper install. I get many calls to repair carpet after another cleaner had cleaned it and it is the typical things of color loss spits that were not there before the cleaning, the carpet transition to a hard floor is off or the carpet produced waves or buckling after it was cleaned. This could have been prevented had the carpet cleaner did an inspection and pointed all this out. The carpet cleaner could have also addressed these items if he or she was qualified.

Simple things like cheap inferior carpet backing is a must. Today they are making eye pleasing carpet with horrific cheap carpet backing that has a clay coating over the backing mesh instead of latex. A loose carpet and over wet carpet is a disaster since the clay cracks, pulverized or turns to mush if over wet. Once the carpet backing separates from the carpet it is toast, all integrity is lost and now your carpet can easily tear.

New carpet backing with cracked clay backing
Clay carpet backing
Brand New Carpet With Cheap Clay Backing Coating. See The Cracks & Spaces. Notice The Seperation & Delamination

Latex carpet backing
Structurally Sound Latex Coated Carpet Backing

This carpet backing is extremely durable although not the best and will tell the carpet cleaner that any pet urine spots probably do not have delamination issues, if the carpet is slightly loose then the carpet backing is probably still intact, if it’s heavily soiled then turning up the water pressure for cleaning won’t be an issue unlike a clay backing. If I find bad pet urine damage on clay, I’m not touching it for liability issues, if it’s loose then I have to be extremely careful stretching it so as not to rip it since the backing is separated but usually I’m walking from this job because it is already damaged goods.

As I said above, the carpet backing and it’s tightness tells me, the carpet cleaner many things. If it is loose, I need to inform you very simply because it will save out from expansion & contraction but will most likely relax in 24 hours. If I find the carpet loose I know I should not use my rotary extractor since this will rearrange or even create new buckles, bubbles or wrinkles. Pushing that carpet around with a heavy piece of equipment on loose carpet will also probably speed up the destruction of the carpet backing. Then that carpet backing coating of latex or clay will definitely tell me my limitations on water pressure. This is why a carpet pre-inspection is most important to a true professional carpet cleaner.

This is why it is very important for you to buy carpet with a good backing, verse yourself with CRI 105 residential carpet install standards. Do not put it in the hands of the lowest bidding sub-contractors that will take short cuts and has no concern of American standard carpet installation. Always ensure they are using the power stretcher and always buy your carpet from a retailer that sells it and has it’s own installers. Then for peace of mind get an independent carpet install inspection from a qualified carpet cleaner or repair person.

You get only a 1 year carpet install warranty, you have to nip in the bud any problems before that year. Typical short cuts I find which always hurt you are no power stretching, visible seams and no seam sealing. Besides loose carpet, frayed seams that come apart from traffic and vacuuming are simply due to not sealing all the cuts where it is seamed. This is simply just applying latex to all the cut edges to secure the tufts from peeling out. Loop piles and berbers are extremely vulnerable to unraveling at seams due to no seam sealing. Inspecting these seems with a black light it is how we do it. So get that inspection done before the year is up preferably before the furniture gets moved back.

So, getting any contractor work done should always be done by the company you hired, if it is getting sub-contracted out beware. I can not tell you how many of my customers go through the butt dance with a company that sold them the carpet and sent out some unknown wing buts that they subbed out and won’t support the damage or correction. They insist it is the sub-contractors responsibility and we both know that is not right.

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