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Getting our carpets or floors cleaned is a necessity for health and hygiene. Eco Friendly seems to be the new created buzz words today that have lost much of it’s definition just like “biodegradable”. So what is eco friendly carpet cleaning San Diego? Let’s look at it from a carpet cleaners aspect that has personally been doing this for over 25 years.

I personally am very concerned about any chemical contact. I have to know ingredients, their effects and my exposure level from either breathing or skin contact. There are many things in our daily lives that we shouldn’t be in contact with and should avoid.

When it comes to the planet that is where there is a big gullible consumer crowd just waiting to be taken advantage of. I mean it sells and as long as it’s claimed eco friendly or like before – environmentally safe, they will buy it. So many green laundry soaps and body soaps and products that are labeled green, organic or natural but have an adverse effect on the eco system. Same goes for carpet cleaning chemicals and solutions. It seems as long as you include a few natural ingredients it’s termed Green or Eco-Friendly.

When I first started I pushed as Organic Carpet cleaning and used all the planet safe, biodegradable, earth friendly and environmentally safe products. As I got into reading the MSDS sheets I noticed the Health Ratings of some products that were a 2 and some chemical names that didn’t sound safe. Of course the warnings on the jugs that said if you get it on your skin to flush and rinse it immediately or: use in a well ventilated area and avoid breathing.

I had found the B.S. that day. I remember going off face to face to my distributor about the Planet Safe products he was selling me and assuring me they were organic but yet the health rating was Moderate and it was actually very bad to humans but safe for the planet. It was at this point I realized that there was a separation of human safe and planet safe and I needed to research ingredients for now on of everything I buy.

Natural became the new buzz word all of the sudden and I got into that. D’limonene became the new big chemical in carpet cleaning. It has a few names to sound safe and natural: orange oil or citrus solvent. I knew of this from years prior because orange oil was flammable and oranges were a fruit that didn’t require much pesticides or none at all. You just don’t find too many insects that eat oranges and rarely when you do they died trying. This product is also what some Green Termite companies use. D’limonene will kill organic life, it gives me one heck of a migraine when I use it. Sure, yeah, it’s not good even though it’s used as a so called Natural or Green carpet cleaning ingredient but it is a better thing to use when a solvent is required. My take is that a solvent of any kind should be used very sparingly as a last resort for stubborn stain treatment.

My definition of Eco Friendly, Green, Organic or Natural is that it must be safe for Humans and the Environment, end of story, period. If it doesn’t meet that criteria for cleaning then it’s not for us. Put yourself in our shoes not yours for a minute. We do this multiple times a day 6 days a week, we handle it directly and breathe it directly. Our expisure rate is many more times that to you. Your end product is a carpet flushed and rinsed of what we used and all your soil. So, we have to go the extra 10 miles to ensure that our exposure is extremely limited to anything that can harm us. Sure, many carpet cleaners don’t care or even think about this and shoot for the most powerful chemicals out there to make quick work of cleaning the carpet and leaving you the harmful chemical residues.

Whatever the new fad buzz word may be next year, it all comes down to what is Human Safe 1st. Marketing by so called “safe” chemical cleaner manufacturers and carpet cleaners are many times misleading. I have a Green Seal Certified product called Procyon that many green carpet cleaners gravitate to because it’s readily available. We used it a year and despite the warning label not to get it in wood because it might remove the finish, it ate a lot if our metal components in our system and tools. That was my sign that it was not Green in my definition. Sure, it’s pimped as Natural, it’s phosphate based and has phosphoric acid and is detrimental to aquatic life, but Arsenic is natural but yet we don’t use it.

It’s a constant struggle to have to define truth. Even the carpet cleaning franchise that spins the no residue thing. Look deep inside and you can see the real truth of how a corporation spins the truth and make us the consumer victins.

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