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California Drought – Water Savings Carpet Cleaning San Diego

We all know living here comes with drought seasons and often water restrictions. Most of us wonder why we don’t have a water management department that would have figured it out decades ago. You’d think we’d have plants on line by now that turn sea water into fresh water or we’d pipe it in. Oh, wait, the smelts, that’s right. Well, then there was Jerry’s Bullet train priority.

Regardless that our elected officials have prioritized and squandered “our” hard earned money to suit their needs, we at Miracle Services planned for it all.

are a water saving carpet cleaning service in San Diego – 619 990-3541.

Is it Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego?

It’s simular but better, it’s Low Moisture carpet cleaning which uses less than a 10th of what we’d use for our truck mounted steam cleaning process. We actually use 3 methods for our water conservation carpet cleaning process: Low Moisture carpet cleaning, Very low moisture carpet cleaning and a Dry carpet cleaning method. Each method is designed for specific carpet types.

We are San Diego’s experts

For 25 years we have used these methods on commercial buildings where moisture control was important for drying and for high rise locations where truck mount service is impossible. We are also experts at getting it dry. Most dry carpet cleaners claim it dries fast but don’t deliver but we actually have you dry by the time we leave or very close to it.

We prefer to truck mount steam clean all residential carpets but with these new water restriction laws and penalties/fines we are prepared for whatever happens. We have all the weapons to combat a drought season.

Our unique Low Moisture process 

For residential we prefer to use our low mousture system. It uses a rinse and absorbtion process to remove soil and residue. We charge $50 per room, yes its much more costly for us to operate and it does not clean as deep as truckmount steam cleaning but deeper than any dry cleaning process available. For this reason if you have a carpet like this below then its not happening!

The drought is costing all of us and so yes, you will have to spend more to get more frequent carpet cleans to keep is possible to define “clean” with a low moisture cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaners are a cult

When I started in 1994 I made sure to have every method and every piece of equipment rather than just one as most cleaners. I mastered them all and then decided which was best which is why we use Truck Mounted steam cleaning 90% of the time. Dry cleaning is the cheapest way to go for a carpet cleaner. A $500 floor buffer, a few round rags, some cheap shampoo and a trunk to carry it in, you’re in business. There are cult groups for dry cleaners for moral support so they feel good with themselves for rearranging your dirt and adding and leaving the chemical and shampoo in your carpet. This is why we have several correct methods when we have to resort to these processes.

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