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There are a lot of deceptions that go with carpet cleaning. One of those biggest deceptions is the residue & chemical deception. At Miracle Services our unique simple technique is water only carpet cleaning La Mesa.

Water only carpet cleaning La Mesa

You’ve heard it all: no soap carpet cleaning, no harsh chemical carpet cleaning, no residue carpet cleaning or carpet cleaning with water that has power, but what does that all really mean?

Some make a real big thing talking about detergents & soaps and how all other carpet cleaners pump your carpets with all of that. They also claim that they leave soil attracting residue but their special water is so miraculous that theirs will not. Their con is to make you fear other carpet cleaners while trying to convince you that their special water with power will not.carpet cleaning San Diego

What is special water or this water with power? A standard technique in carpet cleaning is to inject a cleaner into your cleaning water to clean carpets faster. This is a technique that franchises & big truck operations use that have employees. This way of cleaning requires no experience and is employee proof. Just run in the hose, turn on the chemically treated water and start cleaning. Of course that special water, powered or converted to a chemical will leave that exact residue in your carpet. Of course you have to advertise that you leave no residue because you used no soap. The half truth is that they used no soap but the truth is they used a CHEMICAL.The no residue lie

Above is chemical injection jug that most carpet cleaners use to inject soaps or emulsifiers into the cleaning water. What comes out of the cleaning wand or tool is a chemicalized cleaning water which leaves behind that residue. Even that company that claims zero soapy residue uses a water converted into a chemical. We just clean with zero chemical injected water, good old fashioned fresh water.

Water only carpet cleaning la mesa green clean

One thing about being the owner & the operator of your business is quality pride, reputation and honesty. The ugly thing about a FRANCHISE is that their major concern is selling franchises. In order to do that they must advertise half truths an con the consumer by flooding you with commercials & advertisements. Pumping you with everything you want to hear is all it takes so that you don’t have to think about it.

Think about this – what if we came into your home, applied a no soap cleaner that is 100% non-toxic, green, no fragrance added, FDA approved food grade product that is hypoallergenic and is human & pet safe? Then we ran in the hose and steam cleaned your carpet with real unadulterated water? We flushed, rinsed and extracted all your problems away and left no residues behind. We left the residue of water not the residue of a chemical that was injected into the cleaning water to give it cleaning power.

Many carpet cleaners gravitate to what is readily available and the most popular product that many assume is green has one of the best advertising write UPS ever created. So, carpet cleaners buy it, use it and think nothing of it, it gets passed onto you. One of the tell tale signs is the fact that this product does not list the ingredients. When you delve into it you find phosphate and phosphoric acid which yes, are natural but not human safe and not very eco friendly. This is why we do not use the product Procyon.

There is also D’ Limonene or citrus solvent/oil. Orange oil is not only flammable but it kills organic matter, this is why it’s used for termites. Not all things natural or organic are human or pet safe. For this reason we use what we use and we have no problem showing it to you along with all the ingredients. You need to know what is being used.

Give me a call next time you are concerned about safe carpet cleaning. Make sure to do your research on your next cleaning service. Getting a water only carpet cleaning without that chemicalized alkaline water is the safer way to go. See our prices here:


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