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Veteran Carpet Restretching and Carpet Cleaning Scripps Ranch. You can enjoy green carpet cleaning and repair at the same time.

There are very few carpet cleaners today that will provide the needed attention a carpet requires before cleaning. To be a professional carpet guy you’re supposed to know your various carpet fiber types and constructions for your do’s and dont’s. Can’t tell you how many times we have touched a loose carpet and pulled it off the tack strip at a transition. Who’s going to fix that? Better yet who’s going to pay for it?

Just be glad jute backing is rare now because today’s carpet cleaner would leave it brown and wonder what just happened.

Every pre cleaning job gets a carpet inspection to I.D. any issues and point them out to the customer and document them. The documentation not only puts us off the hook for liability but most importantly for a claim that you should make to your installer or the one you purchased carpet from for warranty.

If it’s out of warranty you always have the option for us to correct it for you before we clean it.

Our biggest issue is loose carpet due to poor quality and out of standard install. Unfortunately we are bombarded by the new subcontracting entities that make money off of local contractors. They are dominating today, Home Advisor, thumbtack, and so many more. You pay them one way or another to be part of thier list of qualified contractors. It’s a lowest bidder operation and the consumer is the looser with poor quality.

We maintain our local status as an independent high quality accountable service. Our reputation speaks for itself and we don’t need to pay an entity to claim we are prescreened and qualified by thier monetary standards.

Support your local independent owned and operated businesses and you’ll get better results.

So, our 1st priority is to get your carpets squared away before we clean them because all repairs require that test at the end. A spot dye, a patch, a broken seam, a loose transition or loose carpets need that test at the end with that powerful steam clean and extraction. Since all of our repairs have a lifetime of the carpet guarantee we want to make sure it’s been tested.

As a veteran I’m a fanatic for perfection and I’ve been thoroughly brainwashed to do the job right instead of half assed just to get by till your check clears.

If you have loose carpet concerns, call me and let’s discuss your carpet and warranty. We might be able to lead you in the right direction to make a claim before you have us out. If it’s out of warranty we will tell you and then you can have us restretch or actually put the stretch on your carpet that was never provided and clean it the same day.


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