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Vacuum Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet is actually the best floor covering made for many reasons. The problem is that, Today, nobody wants to use the labor to clean it anymore. Just let it get dirty & then call the carpet cleaner. And then you complain because after it’s cleaned it doesn’t look good enough because it has permanent stains, scratch & wear that makes traffic lanes dingy and it costs too much.

As any floor covering they were all designed to be maintained and cleaned Regularly. Most don’t want to hear that which is why you’d rather hear a lie from an advertisement for a new floor covering that you’ll never have to maintain or one that is so easy to maintain.

Gravity is what it’s all about on earth. This sends it all onto our floor coverings and it has to be removed somehow. Neglecting to remove it is what makes those coverings look ugly by staining, scratching and wearing.

When it comes to a healthy floor covering my choice is carpet. Many don’t realize that carpet is the biggest air filter in your home. An electrostatic charge in your carpet attracts all those constant floating particulates into the carpet and hold them for your vacuum. Can’t do that with hard floors. All you have to do is vacuum to keep that big filter cleaned.

Periodic vacuuming cleans your carpet – vacuum carpet cleaning, it cleans fibers by brush scrubbing and vacuum extraction. When done right, those brushes actually scrub all sides of those carpet fibers to remove soil. In order to do that you must view the process as actual cleaning instead of just a quick run of the vacuum assuming the extraction took care of everything.

Let me burst your bubble and make you angry: periodic vacuuming is daily, for me it’s twice a day at home because I have a few dogs and in a state of poor air quality I do my best to keep mine clean indoors.Vacuum carpet cleaner

The only type of vacuum that has been around for 100 years is the vacuum with brush rollers. These brushes can be replaced often but are the most important thing besides the vacuum motor. Use the scrubbing action to clean and extract not only the dust and particulates but to scrub & extract that sticky soil that adheres to the carpet fibers. It is the sticky souls that hold particulate soils to the fibers and are responsible for scratching your fibers. Each carpet fiber is like fishing monofilament line which is almost invisible because the light can pass through it. Once the line gets scratched by running it along the shore or sand the light can’t pass through it. It’s more visible now, gray and dull. Under a microscope you would see it looking very jagged.

So, living in San Diego that has a lot of sand particulate soil it is paramount to keep it out of your carpet. Vacuum slowly those traffic lanes daily to remove all that particulate. Why slowly? Because the brushes scrub & clean but also because the vibration shakes all those fallen particulates enough to loosen them up to be extracted by the vacuum power. It’s all about vacuum carpet cleaning.

If you did this, your carpets will not only stay cleaner but would last longer for appearance. It’s a big let down for me to come into your home and clean your carpets but leave you with grayed out scratched/worn traffic lanes.

Choosing The Right Carpet

The biggest let down for carpet is anything other than 100% wool or 100% nylon. I just cleaned a 30 year old white nylon. These two carpet fibers were made to last 25 years something the carpet industry can not stand. They want you to buy new faster so they raise the price on those fibers and make an inferior product of polyester fibers. They spin the advertisement for these types to make you buy it. And for those of you who actually do your research and know the severe problems of polyester,  don’t worry, they keep changing the name of this fiber type to throw you off. The one constant that can’t be hidden or changed is 100% wool or nylon.

The Short & Sweet On Polyester

Cheaper to make, more profit, you’ll be back in about 7 years or less to buy new to replace.

It starts to rapidly wear the day it’s installed, it off gasses for 7 years which cause things like lymphomas and makes many people sick, it loves grease & oil and that will stain it, it has a very low friction rate that sliding heavy furniture across it can damage and even some vacuum rollers can melt it, the fibers do not absorb moisture so even the tiniest of drips or spills fall down into the backing or pad. This is why spits always come back after cleaning. The good thing is that even though they call it stairmaster and charge you extra for that is because it is plastic and so; things that can stain a nylon or wool will not stain polyester except oil or grease. Another good thing is that it has a higher electrostatic rate than wool or nylon. This is why it is hard to remove fluff, hair or small threads even with a vacuum. This is the most frustrating carpet to clean for any carpet cleaner for those cleaners that actually know the difference. It’s such an inferior product I turn these jobs down whenever I can because there is zero satisfaction in cleaning them.

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