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Truck mount carpet cleaning

We are Truck Mount Steam Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

There is no better way to clean carpets other than truck mounted equipment and the correct tools. I know this after 26 years of providing steam cleaning service to San Diego. I have and use all methods of cleaning but it always comes back to truck mounted sanitizing steam cleaning for that real deep clean.

Other Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are Dry Cleaning Methods, Very Low Moisture Methods, Low Moisture Methods, Encapsulation (shampoo method) Methods, Wet Methods (electric portable hot water extraction) Methods and then Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Methods. Every method has various tools or machines and they all have a use for certain types of carpet. Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners usually invest on one method and machine. They usually gravitate toward the cheapest. An example would be Dry Cleaning, a carpet cleaner can buy a used floor buffer for $300 and be in business buffing carpets by rearranging the dirt rather than flushing, rinsing and extracting it out with super heated bacteria cleaning water.

Portable machine service is very inferior and problematic so we no longer provide high rise service locations. There is just not enough pressure, vacuum or heat with portables to perform a true “carpet cleaning”. Then there is the moisture saturation of carpet backing which we know to be very damaging to carpet backings. The carpet backing both the primary & the secondary is the integrity of your carpet. Carpet backings today are weak as carpet manufacturers have cut back on quality. They used to be coated with 80% latex and 20% clay, now it is reversed – 20% latex & 80% clay. You do not want to use your home Hoover or Bissel machine on these, they are just as weak as a portable machine and will send moisture to the carpet backing.

Deep Carpet Cleaning with Moisture Control

Carpet cleaning is all about a good flush and rinse not a quick squirt and suck. We have to have high pressure suction for extraction and high pressure water to complete the definition of “clean”.  Our specially designed truckmounted system was designed for balance between water and extraction. Then there is the high heat that the truck mount machine creates unlike the electric portable machine that gets filled with hot tap water. We operate past the boiling temperature.

Besides the high flow flush of 240 -260 degree water and the extreme extraction power it all comes down to “moisture control”. We can’t decently clean a carpet and leave it soaked like most, that is not clean but problematic. Unfortunately the portable machine can’t do a flush with the limited extraction pressure even at its very low water pressure. It means well but when you use common sense and understand that you lost control of the dirty water and couldn’t give it thorough flush and rinse, you realize you didn’t really clean. Over wetness seems to be the norm in this industry and it’s the last thing that we want due to the wicking of contaminates that may be in the carpet backing and pad.

In addition to our unique modified truck mount carpet cleaning system I always add a fast dry carpet procedure to speed up the process. It’s included with my service and always has been since 1994. Leaving a carpet soaked to dry on it’s own is not clean!

This is why we do not service apartments. Most of the time they require a portable machine.

So this is why we only service residential carpet cleaning with our truck mount steam cleaning method. Our commercial carpet cleaning service is normaly done with a Very Low Moisture method. We use very unique equipment including encapsulation shampoo extraction methods.

We’re Green

Not many carpet cleaners clean with one product but use several. We use a very unique non toxic, no soap, residue-free, no chemical carpet cleaning product. Most carpet cleaners use detergents & chemicals, even those that claim they just use special water and do not leave a residue. The sad thing is their product is water converted to sodium hydroxide, lye, the same stuff in drain & oven cleaner. Since 1994 we have provided organic carpet cleaning in San Diego.

Please See our listed transparent prices . without the typical bait & switch or that old scam of Basic Carpet Cleaning.


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