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Tile Cleaning

Yes, we are a carpet cleaning service but we also perform tile & grout cleaning  Mira Mesa and the San Diego Area. Tile exists in most homes along with carpet. Its a little different but not that much in the carpet cleaning technique.

Tile and grout cleaning machine

It does require a special cleaning solution and of course a very high pressure cleaning process with different tools.

Ceramic Tile

The easier tile cleaning is ceramic and it is the grout cleaning that gets the focus here. Ceramic is very easy to clean unlike stone which is much different. For stone tile the emphasis is on both the tile & the grout. Ceramic tile does not need sealing as stone does.

Green Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to Green carpet cleaning that is non-toxic and organic then you need us. A very human and eco safe product that we apply to your carpet to break down and suspend soil. Then we truck mount steam clean your carpet with sanitizing super heated water instead of a soap, chemical or that special chemicalized water zerowho uses. We do not want leave a residue on your carpet except pure water residue. This is the truest, most natural process available. We’ve trusted it and proven it for over 25 years.

Give us a call for your tile and grout cleaning needs in the San Diego area. We also provide upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and carpet repairs in San Diego.')}

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