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The Green Carpet Cleaning Sensation sells! People are generally gullible and believe whatever media instructs them.  You’ve heard the constant commercials on the radio that drive you regarding carpet cleaning residue but do you know or have researched what they really use?Photobucket

Everyone wants Green regardless whether it is or not because it makes them feel like they did something good. Nobody really knows the definition of green

In the carpet cleaning world I define it this way: Maintaining cleaning standards by using “Human Safe” products and eliminating any cleaning residues! There are so called “Green” products that are not Human Safe but they are acceptable for the environment. Citrus Cleaners contain a natural solvent that are harmful to us but natural to the planet so are many other poisons. Certain Chemicals are considered to be green since they do not bother the environment. These type of green cleaners contain warnings & hazards to us. We do not or will not use such things especially Sodium Hydroxide (lye) that radio franchise group rins through thier water.

There are methods of carpet cleaning that involve Floor Buffers that many call Dry Carpet Cleaning. A chemical is applied to the carpet and buffed into the carpet with the dirt. They use a nylon bonnet on the bottom of the machine to buff with and will claim that this removes the dirt but common sense says not so! They claim this Green Carpet Cleaning because they arrived to your home with a small fuel efficient vehicle since carrying a Floor Buffer doesn’t require a large vehicle and the method of what they claim –  cleaning only requires a couple gallons of water. Sure the carbon foot print is smaller while using your electricity to clean with (which requires fuel at the other end) and  they are proud to have saved water. But at what expense to you?

We take the approach that we are providing a Human Safe & Hygiene service. Removing the the dirt, pet urine, feces, bacteria and everything else that exists in your carpet is important to your indoor environmental health. This requires water.  By applying our “true” Green & Organic or Non-Toxic cleaning solutions to your carpet & then flushing, rinsing and extracting all of that away with water we leave you without the typical chemical residues. I don’t have to worry about working with hazardous chemicals and you don’t have to worry about hazardous cleaning chemical residues.

Everything that we use is carefully checked by the ingredients list and the MSDS sheet. Since Green sells & is big money it is up to us to do our own research and verification and use common sense.

I’m not a Green Freak by any means, I just don’t like nasty chemicals  and since my job involves being around that kind of thing I have made the choice & commitment to find a better way. This requires an assortment of specialty tools and methods.

When we come to your home we evaluate the carpet fiber type, soil condition and your special health requirements. Then we apply the correct cleaning solution that is either completely Natural/Organic, our Green solution or our Non-Toxic solution for those extreme dirty situations.

Whatever we use you count on Human Safe products first & then for the environment. Trust me on this – If it is Human Safe then it is environmentally safe! If it was all labeled that way then there wouldn’t be such a mystery.

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