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What is steam clean carpet cleaning San Diego?

It isn’t steam vapor cleaning where a boiler is used and steam vapor is produced to clean the carpet. Many think this.

It is Hot Water Extraction  (HWE), that is what the industry terms it as. The consumer has designated HWE as steam cleaning. Probably because of the steam that is seen as the hot water is forced out of the wand and is exposed to the atmosphere. Yes, the water is hot, boiling hot.

How hot? Portable machines produce very low heat and still come under the catagorey as HWE but not hot enough for adequate cleaning. Most cleaning agents are designed to work best with heat. Truck Mounted machines mounted in a van produce heat close to 300 degrees but vary. Length of the hose run and the temperature outside that the hose is subjected to.

The importance of heat

The heat that machines generate play a vital role in sanitizing, cleaning, activating the pre-conditioner and for fast dry times. Everyone knows that heated moisture evaporates faster.

Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning operates in the range of 260 degrees since safety is paramount. High heat breaks down equipment & parts.  The most critical piece is the solution hose that comes into the home and delivers that scalding heat to the wand or rotary extraction tool.

Unfortunately today with inferior carpet & upholstery fibers such as Polyester and Polypropylene (Olefin), high heat is very important to melting away oils and greasy soils that these two oil based fibers desire and hold. We change our hoses every 6 months to avoid a burst that can be catastrophic. In 26 years this company has personally had 3 hose bursts, all of which luckily blew on the owner.

Since this heat is vital to the cleaning we use tools to confine the heat into the carpet rather than letting it escape into the air. Miracle uses tools that have been modified to focus closer to the carpet fibers in order to introduce that heat into the carpet instead of the atmosphere.

Is it really steam?

Miracle Services uses the term ” steam” to indicate that they use HWE or hot water extraction. This is the term the consumer gave it. The water is heated and you can usually see the steam. Many like Miracle Services use heat way past boiling. What we do, which is unique,  we have designed our tools to conserve the heat to the fabric or carpet fibers. The typical tools have too much space between the atmosphere and the surface being cleaned.  The heat escapes in the form of steam. This causes great humidity in the home and lengthens dry times. For some cleaners this is for show but we use the heat to our cleaning and sanitizing benefit.

So, next time you are wondering, none of us clean with steam but hot water that ranges from 100-300 degrees. The steam is just the bi-product and is essential to cleaning solution activation and it helps wind your carpet fibers that have bloomed. Many times the not so dense cut piles will mat down but most importantly unwind at the tips. These fibers are wound and set by heat at the mill. Heat helps reset these many times.

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