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Carpet cleaning without the sticky soaps.  It’s all about the residue. Detergents have a bad habit of exploding while cleaning and getting lost in the carpet. Yes, that leaves an abundance of residues to attract new soil. This is why Miracle Services uses a soapless carpet cleaning process. Our special carpet cleaning process uses an organic cleaning agent that is soap free. Unlike traditional and franchise carpet cleaners we apply that directly to the carpet and then flush and rinse it and your soil away with pure fresh water, zero acids or chemicals added to the water. Chemical residues that get left in the carpet. This is caused directly due to chemical or soap water injection into the cleaning water. It makes cleaning faster. Some even go as far as treating their water to convert it to Sodium Hydroxide or otherwise Lye. It’s claimed not to leave a residue in the fake advertisement. You do not need Lye residue in your carpet. The Miracle Services approach is all about human health.  As the users of our service day in day out it is all about our health. This is why we only use Human Safe product. Our system is designed with lower pressure, high flowing water to flush and rinse carpet with just water. The end result is a 100% safe clean for you and no chemical exposure for us. Fake Green Carpet Cleaners exist. It sells so there are many fake green products. We research everything before we use it. The ingredients are most important. We show our customers what we use so that they can google the ingredients. One of the popular green cleaners has a great selling advertisement but when you look at the ingredients with Phosphates and Phosphoric Acid you know what’s really up. Give Miracle Services a call today

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