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The newest thing. Looks good, feels good and they claim it’s green. The greenest thing ever and save so much energy.

It’s garbage, pure unadulterated junk! B.S. marketing took off about the same time the Clinton taught us how to truth lie. Unfortunately the majority of Americans believe marketing hype and are easy to sell. An example is the way “Green” is sold. A product can contain a very minute percent of a natural product while the rest contains things that kill us.

Let me just express my big disappointment in the Flooring industrty. They are just as evil as the cigarette companies, it’s all about the profits. Many of you have expressed your disgust with your carpets from the one you bought it from, the installers, the claim & warranty process to your carpet cleaner. You decided to go with hard floors instead. The ones who made your carpet didn’t get hurt and they chuckle. They are the same ones that make your hard floors! You’re not hurting them.

As a carpet cleaner since 1994 I can honestly tell you what is good and bad. I also repair the stuff. There are different classes and degrees of quality.

I don’t sell carpet, I clean it and repair it. I clean hard floors too and make more money on that than carpet. My opinion, for many reasons is that carpet is the best floor covering for the home. Nothing is more comforting than thick soft padded carpet.

So get ready, there is no other way to say this. If it’s not 100% nylon 50+ ounce or above or 100% Wool, then it’s not carpet. The rest is imitation carpet: all smart strand carpet, polyester or polypropylene. You can hide the names with Olefin, Triexta, Sonora, Wool-Soft, Silk-Strand or Corn Silk. These names and terms were designed for you, to sell you and to hide the truth.

So the smart strand carpets are petrolium based, the off gas nightmares, the ones that wear rapidly, have issues with excess lubricant on them from the mill & attract soil & pariculates that start scratching fibers from day 1 prematurely and have a bad record of honoring claims. They claim it’s green, comes from renewable sources like 30+ percent corn and the rest petrolium base + recycled plastic. The biggest sell is they claim it’s bullet proof for stains. Come on, how easy is it to stain plastic? We just got over the Stainmaster scam that we paid extra for which was just a cheap polyester or polypropylene. They made us believe it was some high tech discovery when it was just junk carpet, recycled material from petrolium, that wasn’t good for us but very cheap to manufacture and dress up.

So, it’s back but with new marketing made just for you.

Here is my recommendation if you want or desire carpet. You buy it as a long term investment. Nothing long term about smart strand or anything with poly in it and you choose it for your health.

100% plush nylon for a synthetic or 100% wool with 100% natural backing.


The key to any new carpet is getting an independent install inspection. This will determine your 25 year carpet warranty. All too often the place you buy the carpet from subcontract to the lowest bidder for an installer. Carpet manufacturers know this but look the other way. Why? Because your 25 year Warranty with them is void if the carpet was installed incorrectly. The installer gives you a 1 year warranty. The lowest bidder skips the power stretching of your carpet and uses a knee kicker instead. About 1 year later you get the ripples, wrinkles and waves in the carpet because it’s loose. It’s considered damaged goods at this point. You call me to clean it before the 18 month requirement for your 25 year Warranty and I have to tell you your carpet was installed incorrectly and needs to be stretched. It’s been over a year, you have no option but to pay me to fix it or live with it.

Please call me after an install, sure, I’m going to charge you $50 to come out and make a quick inspection but, it will be the best $50 you ever spend. We have had a few carpets replaced at no cost and repaired at no cost to clients because we found incorrect installs. We’ve even found a Wool – Soft carpet that was plastic but sold to the customer as Wool.


Again, the Smart Strand carpet is not so smart.




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