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Feel the Clean of San Diego’s very own Miracle Services a Green Carpet Cleaning Service. 

A local San Diego veteran owned and operated business not another out of State Franchise that are bent on up selling and bait & switch. 

Carpet Cleaning

Miracle Services Green Carpet cleaning uses true Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are natural, green, organic and hypoallergenic. This non-toxic, no soaps cleaner is chemical free and completely rinses away with the dirt leaving no soapy or chemical residue behind. They are typically found in food or drink and considered FDA food grade products.

We started by marketing our Organic Carpet Cleaning San Diego and showing our customer our safe product and ingredients. Our non-toxic cleaning procedure is sought out by those that demand true Green carpet cleaning. Today everything has Green label whether it is or isn’t and this is why we want you to see our ingredients. 

All of our cleaning systems are deigned for the fastest dry times in the county for immediate carpet use. The most important step of any carpet cleaning is the fast dry service otherwise the wicking process will contaminate the carpet and the cleaning service was redundant. Whatever is in that pad such as spills, bacteria and pet urine “will” wick back to the surface unless rapidly speed dried.

Yes there is a drought on and as always we are prepared for it. We have several Drought Friendly Carpet Cleaning methods.

Upholstery Cleaning

Detailed upholstery cleaning that dries quick! We no longer service natural fiber. We do not recognize microfiber as a quality fabric that loves oul & grease and charge $26 a ft. for the length of each piece. 

Tile & Grout Care

Expert cleaning service, color dye sealing and tile & grout repairs. We can transform your old stained grout. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We understand commercial carpet and are San Diego’s experts in commercial carpet cleaning. 

Residential Carpet Repairs

It’s very typical with every cleaning job where some sort of carpet repair is also needed. It could be a few carpet burn repairs where a carpet patch is needed, carpet pet damage from your pet being locked in a room, loose carpet, tack strips that were nailed to a cement slab and have come loose, delaminated carpet at the transition to another floor surface, a needed transition strip, carpet ripples where your carpet needs some re-stretching or some color loss areas you need touched up due to pet urine, bleach or cheap spotting chemicals. These are typical and can be addressed. If you feel you need repairs please let us know at scheduling so that we can allot the quality time to do that before the cleaning process. We are the carpet stretching experts in San Diego. 

Pet Odor Problem & Odor Control

Most of us have pets and some of us have odor problems that need correction. Sometimes it may just be a cleaning that is needed but I honestly doubt that. Removing the source of any odor is the first step and there is no dancing around that with various smell good deodorizers. We have various ways for treating the source but a repair method is the best. Then its all about odor control after that. I won’t lie to you and tell you that I can remove and own your problem, there are plenty of new carpet cleaners out there that don’t know any better and will claim they can make it all go away. Find one you can hold accountable with a guarantee and make him come back until the smell is gone.

We know what to do and have options depending on your budget or situation. Please remember that your manufacturer warranty is void when it has become contaminated with urine.

We like to get to the source of your problem – the odor causing urine to start to get that under control and have options for you for that. Never, never will a carpet cleaning alone with some deodorizer fix your problem! Here is the best way: we will pull the carpet back and remove the urine soaked pad, then clean & seal the sub floor, install new pad then clean the backing of the carpet and apply and deodorize, then reinstall the carpet and finally clean it. This is the best way to “try” and conquer the odor. But, notice that hard latex carpet backing, nothing easy about getting the urine out of hardened latex. I’d be a fool to tell you that it would be 100% cured. I would tell you that you would possibly need some further deodorize control and I do supply that to you at the end of the job.

We can also give you the option to inject your carpet pad with enzymes then clean it or do a sub surface flush and rinse from the top of the carpet with specialized tools to remove as much urine as possible.


Give us a call, schedule your appointment in advance and enjoy a professional, non-residue, perfectly natural and a clean & dry cleaning for a change.

We can help you with pet odor control or urine contamination restoration

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