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No residue

Everything leaves a residue even water. You hear a lot today on radio commercials about this franchise company by paid shills that claim this company leaves zero residues. Many make untrue claims. But let’s be honest and realize everything leaves a residue. We provide a San Diego zero chemical residue carpet cleaning process that can not be beat. Especially by a large franchise company with low level inexperienced employees on a 30% commission upsell mission.

There are bad residues! Professional carpet cleaners have known this for decades and have practised this – testing their product for sticky residue and understanding it’s chemical make up. It’s nothing new. This is where you seperate the good carpet cleaners from the bad. It’s cheaper to run cheap speed cleaning chemicals in the cleaning water and bang out a home in 40 minutes. Unfortunately this happens too much. The chemical residue stays behind. Then they claim it is  water that is powered or has power because it sounds good. This is really termed as – Chemical Injection. You as the carpet cleaning customer have an absolute right to ask what the carpet company will be using to pre-condition your carpet with and what chemicals will be injected into the cleaning water. The Material Data Sheet is available and you should check it if you are concerned about your family.

A good residue is often defined as one that won’t adhere to a carpet fiber but peel right off. Well, that’s good, it’s not sticky to attract new soil rapidly. But……. what is that residue and where does it go? It could or may not be a bad chemical and much of it will go airborne and get vacuumed over time.

Miracle Services Healthier Clean

It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t looking for the easiest way, the cheapest and quickest way to clean. It does’nt take radio talk show shills to sell it because it’s to honest to sell. It goes like this:

A very safe all natural product that is 100% non-toxic get’s applied to the carpet. Then, resisting industry standard to use more harsh chemicals, just 100% steamy hot water in a large volume is used to flush and rinse your dirt and the no soap organic carpet cleaner from your carpet. No acids, no soaps, no chemicals injected or used into the cleaning water. This is the true way to clean that leaves no residue behind except water residue. No water that has been converted into sodium hydroxide/lye, no phosphates, phosphoric acids, nothing! This is the Miracle Services way.

Honesty doesn’t sell and people rather be led today and have someone think for them. This is why there is advertisment. Miracle Services is concerned about human health and safety 1st since they are the daily users of their product.

Next Time

On your next shop for a healthy safe no residue carpet cleaning ask your prospective what they will be using, what are the ingredients, google the ingredients and the MSDS sheet, will you be cleaning with pure water or will you be injecting it with your chemicals and then charge me $14 for a water fee?

Check out our transparent prices and all you be getting for that price, beats the consistent up sell, extra charges and price switch the franchise uses. See our prices here:

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