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One of the very typical carpet repairs we perform is San Diego pet carpet repair.  Our pets love to figure a way out of a room by digging into the carpet at the door. Many times it seems they just do it for fun.

It is normally an easy fix but the exact same carpet must be used. This means that you have extra carpet left over from the install or we need to salvage a closet space. It sounds bad but a new piece is procured and installed into the closet that is color and construction close.

Putting in a new section of carpet will often times stand out until the carpet is cleaned and it starts to get some foot traffic.

Another typical repair for carpet is urine damage. Much gets effected when the pet urinates onto your carpet. The urine follows gravity and soaks into the carpet backing of polyester mesh coated with latex and this is the biggest problem for odor removal. Next it gets through the backing and gets into the pad which is the sponge. Then the sub-floor gets it. Many times cats per along the baseboards and the urine gets into the wooden tack strips along with the baseboards. These are all of the sources that have to be treated or replaced.

All too often a carpet cleaner will just clean the carpet and use a deodorizer or another fad product that claims to remove urine and odors. It isn’t going to happen! The only way to know the situation. Is to pull the carpet back and inspect the degree of contamination.

We start by inspecting the tack strips and replace as necessary.

Then we remove the effected pad and clean then seal sub-floor to encapsulate odor.

Then we replace the effected pad.

Once that is done we lay plastic under the carpet over the pad. We then lay carpet back over and start to saturate the carpet with a special product designed to digest the bacteria, urine and odor.

Then we use a special tool to extract it all until the sight tube shows clear water instead of crusty brown or orange. Notice the sight glass.

Once that is all done the carpet gets reinstalled and you are given a product to conduct odor control.

This process is what removes all that nasty which otherwise continues to wick to the surface. The oily bacteria urine that wicks to the surface is what contaminates the entire home. This is why we go through all the steps to go after the source.

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