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Organic carpet cleaning san diegoWe’ve been providing San Diego organic carpet cleaning for over 25 years and started with an all natural cleaning solution.

“Organic” was the big word then, now it’s “Green” but, green has morphed into any definition today and lost it’s true identity. Bottom line is has to be Human safe and Planet safe not one or the other.

There are many natural, organic, and green poisons and they are obviously not human safe. We are a transparent  carpet cleaning business that shows you our ingredients once in your home rather than hide it.

It all comes down to ingredients and we take that seriously. We are the users of these products day in and day out and have to ensure our health and safety. So we personally keep it to ingredients and not to the latest fad cleaner.

There is no way we will use phosphates or phosphoric acid like some natural green cleaners that are readily available. Once in your home we show you exactly what we use.

Organic carpet cleaning is the safest way to clean carpets. Our Miracle Services organic cleaning solutions are hypoallergenic and have no fragrances. Best of all they are soap free carpet cleaners that don’t turn into millions of tiny suds when hit with water and never get completely removed.

Our solutions rinse away with your soil leaving your carpets free of residues and unlike that franchise company you hear the ads on the radio we use no Lye or sodium hydroxide.

Many carpet cleaners have no problem posing as a green, organic, safe company but its just in words. Just like the franchise that cleans with Lye and claims its green, safe and tou can drink the water, anyone can make false claims. This is why we show you what we use so that you know for certain. Check out our prices:


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