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Trying to find true San Diego non-toxic carpet cleaners? Look no further, organic, green & natural since 1994. We got this thing mastered. Truly the search for true non-toxic carpet cleaners can be a tough quest. Many claim they clean that way and want to believe it but once you find out what they use then you will understand. Ask them to show you the product and it’s ingredients. Miracle Services is a non- toxic carpet cleaner in San Diego, you can be rest assured that your carpets will be safely cleaned.

non-toxic carpet cleaners

Did you know that we as Carpet Cleaners must carry an MSDS sheet on all cleaners that we carry? You have the right to see this and you should. There are a lot of green and organic carpet cleaning solutions that only contain a small percentage of something safe.


We are proud of our Green carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for us. Safe carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for humans and are eco friendly are perfect for us. The product that most green carpet cleaners contain phosphates and phosphoric acid that is not eco friendly. We will not use Procyon.

We show our concerned customers exactly what we use and encourage them to google ever single ingredient. Will your carpet cleaner do that? Those of you with children and pets should be very concerned . Our product is perfect for those with immune deficiancy, those that are sensitive to chemicals and fragrance. Most of all our process was designed to be completly free of residue. With our soft water cleaning instead of sodium hydroxide like that radio franchise, our cleaning is the safest.

Carpet cleaning should be 100% transparent and you should know what product is being used in your sanctuary. If anyone won’t show you and present you with the ingredients then you should show them the door. You just have to love that snake oil that is listed as a proprietary secret like that franchise on the radio.

Many things are touted Green, Organic & Natural but that does not make them non-toxic to humans. Many things today have one of those 3 labels but only have a small percentage of something green, organic or natural.

When safe green carpet cleaning matters just give us a call and we’ll explain our process designed to protect us the user and you the consumer.

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