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You’ve heard of those radio commercials where your favorite radio talk show host shills for them. You expect that talk show host to tell the truth instead of just reading a script. Luckily we are San Diego no harsh chemical carpet cleaning – no chemicals in our water.

No chemical carpet cleaning san diego

Carpet Cleaning Truth

The franchise company you constantly hear about claims thier water has power and that they are not traditional carpet cleaners that don’t use soaps or chemicals like traditional cleaners do. That’s real funny and not true.

It’s 2018, the majority of top quality owner operated cleaners truly understand everything about residues and no soap cleaners, in fact 25 years ago this is what we all were extremely careful of. We searched for cleaners that were not soaps, non-toxic and contained ingredients that were natural and human safe. Then, rather than inject a chemical, soap or cleaner into our cleaning water was a no no! You can not clean with so called “power” (chemical) water and claim you won’t leave a residue! It leaves the residue of that injected chemical.

Chemical injection is used by franchise companies because of the constant turn around of employees that are not trained except to Squirt & Suck. The true quality owner operator knows your carpet fiber type is, what ounce it is and what pre-conditioner to use. Rather than just turn on the soap and start cleaning like the franchise drone the owner operator will apply a safe, non-residue, no soap pre-conditioner. Then they will start cleaning with 100% water to flush and rinse your carpets of soil, contaminates and the no soap pre-conditioner. The end result is no residues left in the carpet except for a water residue.

Now, think about it, let’s say you are a radio commercial franchise ad that claims you don’t leave a residue and you clean with alkaline water? Come on, what makes that alkalinity? So, what if the cleaning water is injected with Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)? Is that Green, is it Organic? Is it Natural? Oh, it’s natural, just like arsenic is natural?

There are ZERO restrictions on describing Green, Organic or Natural, it’s you that has to do your research.

Miracle Services cleans green

Green carpet cleaning san diego

They use a true human and enviroment safe green cleaner that is not a soap. That cleaner gets applied directly to you carpet fibers where it breaks down and suspends soil. It is then flushed and rinsed out by high flow & high pressure water and extreme high powered extraction. Your carpet gets cleaned from the fiber tips to just barely the top of the carpet backing. No Lye, no chemical residues, no soap residue. Bottom line – No Soap or Chemical injection into the cleaning water. I know, I know, some call it power water even though it’s chemically powered. Yes, it’s soooooo much easier to clean that way if you are running employees you can’t trust to do it right or will take the time to do it right. Miracle Services and other owner operators do it right without chemical injection like your franchise companies will and do.

Green carpet cleaning ingredients

If your carpet cleaner will not show you the product to be used along with the Material Data Sheet then they are hiding something. Miracle Services has nothing to hide and wants you to verify what they are using once in your home. They realize that the truth no longer sells and most just want to be sold. Well, since 1994 they have been operating transparently and doing it right protecting themselves and thier customers and clients.



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