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You’ve heard of those radio commercials where your favorite radio talk show host shills for them. They claim no harsh chemicals.

You expect that talk show host to tell the truth instead of just reading a script.

Luckily we are San Diego no harsh chemicals carpet cleaning – no sodium hydroxide in our water!

Carpet Cleaning Truth

The franchise company you constantly hear about claims thier water has power.

They claim they are not traditional carpet cleaners that don’t use soaps or chemicals like traditional cleaners do.

They also claim they don’t leave any residue but is that really true?

It’s 2019, the majority of top quality owner operated carpet cleaners do not use soaps or harsh chemicals.

The majority of carpet cleaners have made this a point for a few decades including leaving no residues.

These topics have constantly been discussed on the carpet cleaning forums where this franchise hijacked it and ran with it.

A good honest carpet cleaner protects him or herself and will show you their product and ingredients.

A dishonest Franchise will just say it’s safe and does not have to show you their proprietary secret.

I mean come on, converting your water into a harsh chemical and claiming you clean with just water?

Soaps and shampoos are from the 60’s, it was a different method back then. Today’s cleaners are designed for today’s carpets.

The carpet manufacturers are involved because their product has warranty issues that must be protected.

The scare marketing tactics this franchise uses is dishonest in order to sell more franchises in my opinion to make more money.

Today’s carpet cleaners have access to safe non-toxic, soap free and residue free cleaning solutions. We also have access to Green, Organic and All-Natural solutions.

The problem with Franchise carpet cleaning companies is the constant turn around of employees, lack of experience, motivation and concern.

So a franchise will make the process as chimp proof as possible, no thinking required. One cleaning solution for every carpet regardless of fiber type. Not good!

Your local owned and operates cleaner inspects and identifies fiber type and applies the correct cleaning solution.

If you have needs because you have sensitivities then a special solution is used for you. We prefer to apply these most of the time & keep it organic.

For those very nasty situations or urine contaminated situations a different solution is used to achieve removal and sanitization.

There is no need to go with anything harsh or toxic. Professional carpet cleaners know this and choose to use what is safe for them and you.

For us, no chemicals are in our water like those franchise companies. Water converted to Sodium Hydroxide/Lye? No way! How about just pure soft water?

Our process is to apply our Miracke Green o soap solution to the carpet and with a patented high flow flush and rinse wand, remove all our solution along with all your dirt.

This process trully leaves you free of residues except for a water residue not the same product you find in drain and oven cleaners.

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