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San Diego Green Safe Organic Carpet Cleaning – Free Carpet Audit

Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning is well known for their true human and environmentally safe carpet cleaning.

Committed to higher standards protecting clients from false green cleaning. We are not your typical ordinary carpet cleaning service in San Diego.

We use a unique process in order to provide a completely non-toxic & non-residue clean.

No special treated water where a chemical soap or acid gets injected into the cleaning and rinsing water.

The first step prior to any cleaning is the carpet inspection or audit.

The inspection is for both parties liability, any possible claims that you can make to the manufacturer or installer.

We also want to identify the carpet type/construction so that we know it’s limits, do’s and dont’s.

Many times we find a carpet loose from a wrong install, carpet off tack strips, loose carpet to tile transitions and more. In these cases before we start we need to correct so not to cause this issue to get worse as we wet the carpet.

Sure, others would over look this but we are a professional service. One of the worst mistakes a carpet cleaner can make is put a rotary machine of any kind on a loose carpet.

The Carpet Inspection

Urine detection is crucial for proper removal and to discuss probable color loss (that we can correct), carpet spotters that you left dormant to break down dyes and will get rinsed out during our flush and rinse.

Loose carpet, no sealed seams, sections of carpet installed in the wrong direction of the rest and roll crush (fiber distortion) are the typical issues we find at inspection.

Trust me, we have and we want you to make a claim based on our documented inspection before you pay us to fix it.

We have got many clients new carpet or repairs addressed by the one you purchased the carpet from who sent out the lowest bidder installer. Lowest bidder installers are a plague!

Sometimes getting your carpets cleaned by a true professional service will save you.

Now, Miracle Services is just a 1 truck operation where you get owner operator pride and quality instead of quick in and out service. It’s an old school thing most have forgotten. Transparent listed prices

Get your carpets inspected right after an install and tell your installer that you will be doing this. Trust me, this will prevent issues.

Call the green safe organic carpet cleaning company that has served San Diego since 1994.


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