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Deep carpet cleaning, flush, rinse and extract the organic way.  This is why we are San Diego Green Organic carpet cleaning. It’s safe for us, safe for you and your family. The non-toxic non soap or chemical residue process means longer cleaner carpets for you. Since it’s hypoallergenic you and your family can breathe easier.

Our main focus is making our job safe for us. We are the daily end users. If we have made it safe for us then we know our end product to you will be the safest you can get. You see, there are many fake green and organic carpet cleaning solutions and we study, examine and research what we use. Just because a product has something that is organic or natural in it does not make it safe. Arsenic is organic but it isn’t safe for humans. There are no official regulations that designate what is green. Independent Green Seals are independent and money rules. We dont use the product Procyon that most green carpet cleaners use. We’ve done our research and do not recognize as green or safe for many reasons. Phosphates and phosphoric acid will not be used by us! It’s just like the customer we had that was all things green and showed us her green bug spray. It contained 2% clove oil and the rest was severe hazardous chemicals although it was labeled green.

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