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Green carpet cleaning

There are many carpet cleaning services that say that they are  San Diego Green carpet cleaning but when it comes down to chemistry you will find the fakes. We provide green carpet cleaning for San Diego and other county locations and show you the non-toxic product that we use. I want you to know what exactly is the content ingredients of our residue-free product.

Some of the fakes

The franchise you hear about on the radio claims “no harsh” chemicals but uses special water with power. This is an industry term called ” chemical injection” and it’s used by most. It’s when you inject a chemical into the water that is supposed to clean & rinse your carpet. Obviously that residue will get left behind, yet these companies skirt the truth.

As any traditional carpet cleaning franchise they can make as many fake claims as they want to because they have the money to do so.Their duty is to advertise and sell these franchises. Hiding what they use and not being transparent of it is the name of the game. Our procedure is to make known to our customers exactly what we use, how extremely safe it is and the fact that we use 100% water to clean with instead of chemicalized power water.

Every carpet cleaner uses a pre-conditioner which is the actual cleaning power. This gets applied first, this is what you need to verify as Green, no soap, safe and non-toxic. Then your carpet cleaner will use hot water extraction to flush and rinse your carpet clean. The majority of carpet cleaners especially the traditional franchises will run a chemical, soap or an acid through the cleaning water. Make no mistake, this taints the water and leaves a residue, especially those that taint their water with a chemical by converting it to sodium hydroxide and calling it power. We clean green, the practice & process of chemical injection especially the use of sodium hydroxide is unacceptable to us. We do not consider this green, safe or residue free.

Soap cleaning is used by many, it is a detergent designed for carpets. They are claimed not to leave that much residue behind but they always do. Blasting any soap into a carpet makes it explode into millions of very tiny suds & bubbles that in no way can be extracted fully. This is the part you are not supposed to know about. Then, no soap products were designed and are used by many today but they just don’t have the cleaning speed that the bigger companies demand in order to make profits. Employees don’t have enough patience to slow down when cleaning & extracting and this is the great problem. For this very reason we have maintained an owner operator operation for quality purposes.

Avoiding the franchises and the big truck operations where you get the employees that are on constant turn over will be your best bet for Green Safe Carpet Cleaning.

Those that adhere to leaving a carpet cleaned without residue will ensure that they do pre-condition with a detergent product but a no-soap product. This ensures it gets flushed out completely along with your soil. Next, the cleaning water is just water but hopefully soft water. This is true residue-free.

Chemical-free cleaning, check out what we use, google the ingredients, we want you to once in your home. You will find that many proclaim to clean green or without chemicals have some or many things that are not safe for humans or are actually eco-friendly.

So what is all the fuss? Well, I’m the constant, daily, end user. Having to be around chemicals all day, getting it on me & breathing it would not be a good thing. Leaving any chemical residue behind in a clients home could be a very bad thing to certain people or pets.

Carpet cleaning in San Diego does not have to be the traditional dirty franchise procedure of falsely making you think safit’s safe, green and won’t leave you a residue. Let me walk through my process in your home and show you without the memorized script the franchise people have to recite. It’s your sanctuary of safety for you and your family, be sure you’re getting the safest healthiest carpet cleaning available.

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