Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

Jan 17, 13 Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

I started my carpet cleaning company with this goal: fast dry carpet cleaning in San Diego. At that time the biggest carpet cleaning complaint by consumers was soaked carpets for days. Determined to change that I developed a system to speed dry the task.

2015-08-26 18.50.38zipper2619 990-3541 The Originator of the Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning method in San Diego since 1994

Anyone can claim Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning but it’s up to the interpreter. Over the years many have thrown in “Fast Dry” in their advertising without even considering the step. I’ve trained many a Carpet Cleaner in it but the problem is that it’s just too much extra work and cost for the average Splash & Dash carpet cleaner. You see it all starts with Moisture control, a simple concept that is too much for the average carpet cleaner to comprehend.

One of the reasons Dry Carpet Cleaning  took off was because it left carpets dryer while traditional steam cleaners left them soaked. It didn’t leave them cleaner, actually dirtier since the process has no vacuum extraction, no rinsing, so the dirt was rearranged and the chemical cleaner residue was left behind. The consumer never really observed the method or tried to comprehend it, they assumed the carpet was cleaned and we’re happy it dried fast. What? I didn’t say Chemdri or others that use floor buffers to buff carpets and call it cleaning.

We blew the roof off of dry carpet cleaning by actually cleaning them and beating thier dry times. Now, if your thinking I’m just trying to promote my most labor intensive and high overhead method I am. Steam carpet cleaning is the only way! I know this simply because I mastered every so called “cleaning method” out there, still have them all, rarely use them. They are great for me, easiest way to make money but they do not work, period. The guy that uses it and forces himself to take the inferior method is frothing at the mouth in anger right now. It’s dirty, in no way defines “clean” and we can beat the dry times. It’s an uthethical way to clean carpet unless it is absolutely required and if it is explained  to the customer.

Having a great system that is designed and modified for maximum moisture removal is critical, this means the care cleaner can have more flush & rinse time. That means you get a truly cleaned carpet instead of that quick squirt and suck that leaves dirty water behind. The more power the carpet cleaner has the more volume of water and more extraction.

Moisture control revolves around carpet fiber and carpet construction type. What carpet fiber is the carpet, how much preconditioner can I apply, what preconditioner do I apply for this type of carpet, how long do I leave it on, do I precondition the whole house or 1 room at a time? Not all carpets are the same and most cleaners don’t concern themselves with that. We used to have jute backing on carpets years ago and if you got that backing wet or left the carpets soaked a light yellow or brown tinge would wick back to the surface and ruin everybody’s day. This is still true on many wool carpets but even fine wool carpets have moved away from natural jute backing in the U.S. Jute backed carpeting kept carpet cleaners in check and made them aware of moisture control. There are carpet fiber types that absorb moisture and fiber types that don’t. If it’s a non absorbent fiber it is easy to lose control of the moisture and have the preconditioner and all other moisture soak the backing of the carpet and get into wood (organic)tack strips. The carpet fibers that hold moisture can feed the backboards and cause damage.

Here is what I run into from other carpet cleaners:

2015-12-12 19.47.2820151216_134629

Swollen fiber baseboards happen when some dope leaves your carpets soaked and sprayed them down with preconditions. We have wood baseboards and we have the cheap fiber baseboards. Your carpet cleaner should know the difference, the carpet fiber type and take all precautions. If they are swollen, we want to pull the carpet back and inspect for mold on that tack strip!

This is typical of the low-priced carpet cleaners you will find on a groupon, craigslist or some coupon. It’s nothing new, it’s just human behavior – I’m not making very much so let me bang it out real quick.


The above picture is black mold and spores on a carpet tack strip during an inspection. It sets between the baseboard and carpet pad. Many times this is an area carpet cleaners don’t pay attention to as far as detailed extraction.

The synthetic carpet pad is installed on a concrete pad, then a synthetic carpet installed over that. Time and time again of soaking wet carpet cleaning gets the wood tack strip wet and it stays moist for days. Mold will grow on anything organic if you feed it!

We find these all the time and have to replace these contaminated areas. Ordinarily these tack strips should never get wet but when you get a carpet cleaner that does not understand moisture control or use a Fast Drying carpet cleaning system then all bets are off.




delam pic

The Carpet backing is what holds your carpet together. It’s just polyester mesh with a latex coating. When the backing gets soaked the latex breaks down and the backing delaminates from the carpet and it looses integrity. It gets thinner in these areas and becomes weak. The 2ND picture  shows delamination at a transition but that is due to vacuuming which we repair regularly. You can imagine this happening in a center of a room.

So, Fast Dry carpet cleaning in San Diego is and should be part of every carpet cleaning process. We have coastline areas that normally are humid all year round and during our summers we get quite humid everywhere. Proper carpet cleaning service can not be rendered without it otherwise you the consumer are getting your carpets possibly damaged and ruined.

During a rainy or cloudy day, carpet moisture evaporation is at a stand still but we excel during these days with our process.

Sure, yes, it’s a big pain in the butt to bring this equipment in and it’s time-consuming which is why most don’t do it or use it. The consumer doesn’t know of the possible damages, mold, mildew, so why worry? Well, we are just not your ordinary carpet cleaning and repair service in San Diego.