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San Diego Carpet Stretch and Green Carpet Cleaning. Almost all carpet installed today is wrong and needs a carpet stretch. You see, in the majority of homes we come in to clean have wrinkles due to loose carpet. It just doesn’t make sense to us as professionals to just clean over wrinkled carpet. We have the expertise and tools to stretch your carpet during a cleaning service.San Diego carpet stretch

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Why are your carpets loose?

There are a few reasons why carpets are loose but today the #1 reason for loose carpet in San Diego is due to lowest bidder installers that won the bid from the one you bought your carpet from. These guys have to make it up to make a profit and power stretching your carpet and seam sealing  is probably not going to happen even though it is mandatory. Most of the time the installers just use knee kickers which are not stretchers.

Knee kicker carpet stretch

The Knee Kicker is the wrong tool for carpet stretching

You can be guaranteed if this happens that your carpet will wrinkle, buckle or bubble. Your carpet manufacturer 25 year warranty is also void now.

Loose carpet

This is what happens if the installer cheats you and does not use the required power stretcher

Power stretching is required

Today carpet backing is latex and polyester and requires stretching into place. Back in the day when quality was an American thing we had jute backing and carpets were knee kicked in. Those old school installers are no longer around and today every real installer knows that carpets must be power stretched in.

Power stretcher

This is our power stretcher correcting what the installer did not do.

Because of improper installs and unqualified installers we end up correcting carpets. It is best to carpet stretch before we clean.

After the stretch we like to test our work but more importantly try to iron out those creases. When we stretch those stiff creases from that hard latex takes awhile to relax. We like to heat them up with extreme hot water during the green carpet cleaning.

Here is an example of a loose carpet the customer opted to have someone else clean first. We came in to power stretch with years worth of wrinkles. Although tight the creases will relax:Carpet stretching with power stretcher

Your carpet backing will deteriorate if it is loose and wrinkled. This is why the carpet is to be replaced if found loose. The carpet ibstall warranty is only good for 1 year. If we find it loose 2 years later then you cant make a claim.

Give us a call, we can handle all your needed repairs.

Besides carpet stretching in San Diego we also provide green carpet cleaning, all carpet repair and tile & grout cleaning

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