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TCarpet stretching san diegohere are a few reasons that you need San Diego carpet restretching. The majority of the time it’s because it was never power stretched during the install.

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Power stretching is required! It is not an option for an install. If your installer does not use a power stretcher the carpet is considered damaged goods and you are supposed to get new carpet!

Above is a power stretcher

Carpet does get loose over the years but slightly if installed correctly. I’ve seen a few that started to show a few slightly loose areas after 20 years. Temperature has some to do with it but I have seen very few issues of that on properly installed carpet, I have seen it on loose carpet with drastic temperature changes on a cool slab on hot humid days. Carpet cleaning will make it look worse on a loose carpet. This is why a carpet that hasn’t been power stretched is unsatisfactory.

We spend a lot of time carpet stretching prior to cleaning.

Give us a call, let us evaluate your problem and show you what we can do for you. It’s  usually better to have the stretching done right before we clean it. When your carpet is wrinkled that hard latex backing gets bent and keeps the memory. When we stretch out the wrinkles a crease likes to remain until it relaxes. We like to heat and moisten it up during the cleaning to accelerate the relaxing.

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