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You’ve heard of those radio commercials where your favorite radio talk show host shills for that franchise. That franchise claims no harsh chemicals. Well, we claim carpet cleaning without chemicals in our cleaning water.Natural carpet cleaning San Diego

Luckily we are San Diego no harsh chemicals carpet cleaning – no sodium hydroxide in our water! When we clean your carpet after our Green pre-conditioning, we flush, rinse and extract leaving no residue behind except water.

Those that claim their water has power is simply because the cleaning water is adulterated with a chemical, soap or acid. Most carpet cleaners use this technique especially the franchise & big truck companies. It is called chemical injection. The real reason for this is faster cleaning times and you get left with that residue.

Many claim they don’t leave a residue but actually the way we clean, we leave a water residue behind. Our principle cleaning goal is to use the safest products available that are not soaps, true green organic and to flush & rinse with just pure water.


We understand the dileama of carpet residue in this industry and the false claims that many make. Unfortunately if you throw up constant radio commercials claiming that you don’t then most consumers will buy it. This is human behavior to be driven, it’s easier. The problem is as many have realized, it isn’t always true.

The concerned consumer always ask what we use, ask about our process and ask the ingredients. As a true Green carpet cleaner I applaud this!

Since 1994 I’ve been on this kick rebelling on and of carpet cleaning chemicals. I have searched out and used all things considered green and safe only to be let down. Finally we found the truest non-toxic and greenest, residue-free product available.

A good honest carpet cleaner protects him or herself and will show you their product and ingredients. Protecting our health has been number 1. We are the constant daily user. If we as such have taken great concern to protect ourselves then you know that your carpet cleaning will be the safest.

A dishonest Franchise will just say  their product is safe and does not have to show you because it is a proprietary secret. If your carpet cleaner won’t present the product so that you can Google the ingredients then you should call another.

When it comes to chemical injection or code words like: water with power or alkaline water – run! I mean come on, converting your water into a harsh chemical and claiming you clean with just water? It’s your indoor sanctuary, protect it and your family.

Today’s carpet cleaners have access to safe non-toxic, soap free and residue-free cleaning solutions. We also have access to Green, Organic and All-Natural solutions. The problem is that the carpet cleaner is often gullible and buys the claim without doing diligent research. For example, the most readily product available is phosphate based and is not truly green, it’s claimed natural because Phosphate is natural.

We had a customer once that called us because we cleaned green. She was all about it and I seen things in her kitchen that were in the green name only. This is an example: I noticed her Natural Bug Spray. I asked her about it and she explained how great it was. Then I made her read the ingredients. It contained every poison there could be but 3% Clove Oil. This is what made it natural. This is why we shouldn’t take any advertisement at face value.

It’s all about being human safe! Come see our Specials, Prices and all that you get for that right here:

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