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Solving the industry concerns and problems for the carpet cleaning consumer was my starting focus years ago. Since then some San Diego carpet cleaners that are quality minded have taken notice & followed.

Miracle Services implemented what we termed as Fast Dry Service to speed along the drying of your clean carpet. Imagine pulling back your carpet to reveal the stained carpet backing.

San diego carpet cleaners
The carpet backing is full of urine, the pad was drenched and the wood floor soaked.

Dry fast carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

Now imagine cleaning the carpet fibers itself and leaving it to dry. All of that severe contamination would wick back to the surface for you as it dried. This is why speeding up the Dry is so important. On the underside of a carpet you will find several stains of every liquid that passed into the backing, even dirty water from past quick Splash & Dash carpet cleaners. This will all wick to the surface after the cleaning if no drying assist is used. I like to think of this process as strategic drying and we are the San Diego carpet cleaners that do that.

The big truck operations like the franchises that claim they don’t flood the carpet or pumpit full of soap and chemicals really do. Ever notice a so called “trained technician” work that wand? They quickly inject the water and expect that quick swipe rinsed the carpet, flushed out the soil and extracted it. There is a method, a slow methodical flush, rinse and extraction method that technicians can not afford to do. This is because they are just technicians on a rush rush schedule without company reputation concern.

Miracle Services uses a state-of-the-art, revolutionary and patented cleaning systems. It’s a simple cleaning system that produces the best cleaning results possible. The standard tools have all been modified for Flush, Rinse and maximum extraction. Standard tools blast, they blast soil deeper making it look good blasting the contamination & dirty water into the backing. We roll out more water in a rolling and instant extraction technique that flushes the carpet fibers just to the surface of the backing and rinsing the fibers with more powerful extraction and slower cleaning & extraction passes – no frenzy hurry.

So, it takes a good volume of water to do 2 things most neglect or don’t even think about – flush & rinse. But here is the kicker and that franchise especially that claim they use only water and leave no residue mislead you – they inject chemicals, acids or soaps into their water. This leaves that residue behind. You can claim you use only water all day but if you inject your water or convert your water into a chemical known as Sodium Hydroxide best known as Lye, you are a liar. We use water, period, end of story. Why? I don’t have to lie to you, I don’t have to breathe steamy chemical water and you don’t have to have a residue left behind. Only problem, it takes a little longer. Cleaning with chemically injected water is so much quicker. But, we apply our green, no soap, non-toxic cleaner to the carpet, then steam clean with pure fresh water only.

San diego carpet cleaners
Cleaning Green Without Chemical or Soaps in our Water Unlike Franchise & Big Truck Carpet Cleaners

So that is the right way to clean but the wrong way for a Franchise or Big truck company because it adds too many extra steps that cost and takes a little longer. Franchise steam carpet-cleaning uses water they convert into a chemical, use same soaps, detergents and toxic chemicals that other cleaners use, have no moisture control techniques, soak your carpets, pads and backing. They leave much of the soap, dirt and dirty water behind. As the carpet dries, this detergent or Lye attaches to the carpet fibers and acts as an attractor for dirt and other contaminants.

Respectfully, Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning has nothing up their sleeves, just honest carpet cleaning that does not need to use soaps, harsh chemical detergents ( many label as water with power) or sticky shampoos.


Another issue we have helped the consumer with is educating them on Spills and Stains. Every carpet cleaner likes to claim they have this mastered and every carpet cleaner gets hit with it when the promise of stains and spots are solved for good. This is your red flag! Spills that are in the backing and the pad will eventually come back unless they are located and individually addressed by Sub-Surface treatment. In extreme cases as the first picture above, a repair was required. For most issues this is why our Fast Dry service is required to snuff out any wicking of spills. If the spill lies dormant in the pad, the carpet was cleaned and the stain is gone, I guarantee you that everytime you walk on it, push the backing into the pad and spill residue, it will slowly work back up. This is why we offer sub-surface clean of each spill, then we own it if it comes back.

Stains gone for good? If I made that promise and it’s permanent, now what? I’m a liar! I’m not stupid enough to make a ridiculous promise like that just for advertisment sake. After I extinguish everything possible to remove a stain and it is permanent then we can patch it for you as a last resort.

Another great benefit of the ZEROREZ® cl Reappearing spots, this is always a complaint you hear about which was why we modified our system to high flow water, flush & rinse coupled with our Fast Dry service. Traditional carpet wands blast dirt, contaminates and soaps straight into the carpet. We addressed that with our modified tools in order to avoid that. A quick squirt & suck like a franchise chimp uses on a diet grease spit just cleaned the attracted dirt off the grease spot. Polyester carpet us a grease magnate, it won’t give it up. I guarantee that the typical franchise or big truck carpet cleaner outfit has no clue of the carpet fiber they are cleaning. Polyester and polypropylene carpets require different tactics in cleaning. This is why your spots come back.

There is no Franchise or big truck outfit that cleans like we clean. When quality matters and you require a healthy and honest carpet cleaning for your home or office, I guarantee we can’t be beat.

With over 25 years in business Miracle Services leads the industry.


If you ever have a doubt, schedule me to come out with your prospective Franchise carpet cleaner and let us prove to you who can provide your need.

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