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I know how hard it is to find the real thing. Miracle Services is one of a very few that provide safe carpet cleaning in San Diego. We prefer the organic natural way that is safe for humans & pets. Non-toxic and perfectly hypoallergenic, it’s the best way to clean carpet in the home instead of leaving chemical residue.Safe green carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

All too many carpet cleaners today go for the carpet industries green carpet cleaning products that use all the buzz words.

They and you the consumer just take it as face value rather than investigate and verify the ingredients.

The other favorite most accessible green carpet cleaning agent that some carpet cleaners use contains phosphates and phosphoric acid. Others use d’limonene otherwise known as citrus solvent or orange oil – not human safe. Then there are the oxy carpet cleaners, please do your research on green carpet cleaners that are not so green & safe. There are way too many cleaners labeled green or natural.

Is it really natural? Sure, yeah, it’s natural but so is arsenic! The product will remove wood finish and it is corrosive to metals. This why you need the safest organic carpet cleaning in San Diego.

Now, there is the certified Green Seal. Who owns and assigns that seal, how much does it cost to get your product labeled with that seal?

Investigate that and you start to see the big picture. If you are a concerned daily constant user that cares about your health and your customers,  you will do your investigative research and testing to identify the bad products. Unfortunately many take the path of least resistance.

Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning cleans organically

Organic carpet cleaning can be accomplished by useing true safe natural products designed for carpet cleaning. We all know that many natural things are not human safe.

Today all too many green and organic carpet cleaners contain toxic unsafe natural ingredients to humans. The product may  have a great advertisement to sell you and the carpet cleaner but the ingredients say differently.

Now, we do what most do not – high flow flush and rinse. A lot of water flows into your carpet like a waterfall instead of an aggressive high pressure blast with a quick suck that leaves so much carpet cleaning soap, chemical and soil deep in your carpet.

We use slower cleaning passes to flush out your carpet never blasting high pressure water directly into your carpet, slower passes to extract everything.

Since we are modified this way we could use any chemical to clean your carpet and totally flush it all out rather than leave chemical residue behind. That is true non residue carpet cleaning in San Diego.

Avoid Dry Carpet Cleaning that does not flush, rinse or extract.

The worst carpet cleaning that can happen is when a Dry Carpet Cleaner that claims to be green sprays his chemical onto your carpet and uses a floor buffer to buff your carpet. Don’t be fooled, ask your self where does the dirt and chemical go? There is nothing green about that. Everything just gets rearranged.

Scrutinize your Organic Carpet Cleaner

If you’re going to experience green or the safest organic carpet cleaning, grill your carpet cleaners. Ask to see the product and Google the products ingredients. The product advertisement is bloated but the ingredients tell the story.

Red flags on green organic products are: do not get on skin, flush it off well, use in well ventilated area. Just like drain cleaner that contains lye you do not want it on your skin. There is a carpet cleaning franchise you hear of on local radio advertisements that claims no residues but runs sodium hydroxide/lye through thier cleaning water.

They also claim to be safe and green. Lye is safe? I love the eco friendly part where it’s safe for the earth but not for us humans. Do not be mislead when shopping for green Organic cleaning, do your research.

Today many people have certain sensitivities especially allergies. This is why we specialize in hypoallergenic carpet cleaning. All that being said, we still come into homes that are not candidates for this type of cleaning. You can’t let the carpet go with pet urine or 3-5 years without cleaning and go organic. Regardless, we know how to treat these situations.

Transparent prices, no bait, no switch, no desire. See exactly what you get for how much:

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