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For a carpet cleaner polyester is the absolute worst carpet fiber to clean for customer satisfaction. Polyester carpet cleaning has many unsatisfying results if great appearance is a goal.

The carpet manufacturer and the ones who sell it will not tell you the truth about. The funny thing is that it get’s more fake advertisment spin to try to make you purchase it.

I get calls from many people begging me to clean the smell out of their new carpet that is just making them sick. Sadly, I have to tell them it can not be done.

Polyester is a cheap material to manufacture. It’s a petroleum and plastic product that off gasses up to 7 years. This off gassing makes many of it’s buyers severely I’ll, so much so that so many end up replacing the new carpet.

Those that it does not effect their immediate health end up with the poor characteristics of polyester carpet: pooling ( fiber distortion that the mfr does not acknowledge), extreme wear/scratch of fibers in traffic lanes, quick sun rot and it collects oil & grease.

Oily traffic lane around where a bed was once located.

Many make the mistake of going barefoot on their polyester. Just like that polyester microfiber couch that has shiny greasy body oils on the arms your carpet will take your foot oils.

Oils and grease in any carpet fiber act as a magnet for damaging particulate contaminates that will scratch the carpet fiber. Having an oil collecting carpet rapidly declines in appearance that even polyester carpet cleaning can’t correct.

The damage is done on this young polyester carpet. The dark scratched traffic lanes are there but the wand marks hide them. The grease and oil is gone but it took serious chemistry which was not green by any means.

Polyester night & day but has permanent grease stains.

The above picture after the polyester carpet cleaning looks great but it is unacceptable to us. There are grease stains that have become part of the carpets appearance now.

For us as carpet cleaners we can find no acceptable use for polyester carpet. The off gassing that also causes lymphomas in some and the poor durability and clean up just makes this product absolute garbage.

If you are searching for quality carpet always go 100% nylon for synthetic carpet or 100% wool for natural carpet. Your carpet manufacturer now uses other names for polyester carpet to trick you. 100% nylon or wool for now on.

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