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Carpet stretching san diego

Does your carpets have wrinkles, bubbles or buckling? No problem we are Pine Valley & San Diego carpet stretching. We provide carpet cleaning and carpet repair in addition to Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet power stretching

We power stretch like your installer didn’t

We hate to see these effects from a wrong install when we come in to clean your carpets. We do have the power to fix and correct these issues before we carpet clean but if someone had done thier job correctly you wouldn’t have to have us repair it.

The loose carpet thing is just too common today like we are living in a 3rd world country. You buy the carpet from an outlet, they send invitations to bid out to various installers and they choose the cheapest not the best. It’s all about making a buck and today the subcontracting game rules. Just shop for any repair or service and you get the Homeadvisor types. These kind of guys plague me with constant solicitations to join or bid. We just don’t pay someone for work and its always a large parentage for them. The poor subcontractor has to make it up on you. Its a dirty game that excludes quality.

Your house is furnished on that loose carpet so now what? We address it as it happens rather than re-install your entire carpet. Many times we get vacancies that can be totally re-installed right.didn’t

Don’t forget that Miracle Services, owner operated carpet cleaning and carpet repair service in San Diego can do it all.

Pet damage and bleach spots are our common repairs:Carpet pet damageCarpet pet damage patch repairCarpet bleach spot repair

We’ve been qualified carpet cleaners since day 1. There was a time all carpet cleaners could clean and repair your carpet. Today finding a carpet cleaner that even knows what type of carpet fiber they are cleaning is tough.

Give us a shout we can help with all your carpet needs and tile and grout. ')}

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