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One of the most common everyday carpet repair or repairs that we do are pet contamination repairs. Pet, dog, cat carpet cleaning San Diego must contain a repair instead of a cover up.

We actually conduct an inspection to search pet urine with a urine probe that detects urine. Black lights are fine for a good show but do not tell the truth. We can treat a urine contaminated spot and completely remove all the urine but it will still show with a black light and always will. We want to find active urine contamination.

It may seem difficult to many but we prefer to pull the carpet back at contamination sites, remove contaminated carpet pad, replace urine soaked wood tack strips, clean then seal the subfloor. The final challenge is the carpet backing that is made up of layers of polyester mesh coated with latex. Getting the urine out of that along with the odor is not easy.

Once we have all of that accomplished and the carpet reinstalled it’s time to clean it.

Flushing and rinsing out the urine spots out of the carpet fibers on nylon or wool can many times remove the color. This is because the urine has broken down the dyes. Most of the time we can repair the color loss. We do this almost daily on carpets we clean.

Carpet Spot Dye is usually included  with our service for a couple of spots but for those colors that can’t be dyed we can cut and patch.

I won’t lie to you to get the work but many times replacing a contaminated room is more cost effective depending on contamination. In a few cases we have removed the carpet in a room or hallway and the client has taken it to a rug shop for immersion cleaning then we reinstalled aftwr the cleaning.

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