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Pet Urine – Carpet Cleaning in San Diego by Miracle Services is very typical by us. When we go after dog or cat urine we consider it a repair and then a clean.

Most carpet cleaners just lay down an enzyme and then clean it but…….. there are 4-5 elements involved – carpet fibers, carpet backing, carpet pad, sub-floor and possibly the tack strips along baseboards.Pet urine

Testing for pet urine is what we do first because we want to locate actual active pet urine. A black light is just for show especially in front of a customer because it is highly inaccurate for the professional. It’s used by many to exagerate the problem and scare the customer.

A urine probe will detect active urine, a black light can show carpet spotters and old removed urine that will forever show. For that reason we only a urine probe  to find active urine contamination and it’s depth. On polyester carpets a black light will not show urine and a probe must be used.

Sub surface cleaning is great for some carpets on a cement sub-floor to flood the area to get to the pad and then extract it.9Urine repair san diego

Now, what if that pad has a plastic cover and the urine traveled? What if the sub-floor is wood up stairs? Lose control and you see it on the ceiling downstairs.

We pull up the carpet in the corner to determine the pad type. Then we decide on the proper strategy.

Removing as much of the contaminated source and replacing it is always best. If an area of pad can go and tack strips then great. The sub-floor gets sealed and the carpet backing and carpet are the mission now.Cat urine in carpetCarpet pet urine repair

Too much work? The cost is too much, no problem, you can always live with it. Many can not. Carpet was not designed to be pee’d on end of story. We have to find the best solution for you that is in your budget.

The worst thing to do is what some carpet cleaners recommend by cleaning it with vinegar and other remedies. Do not introduce any more moisture into the backing and pad!

The inspection, it’s critical! Do you have mold in the wood dub-floor? Do you really want to feed it with more moisture? Carpet cleaning only guys have zero clue what they are doing.Urine contamination in carpet

We pull it up to see the damage, then it’s up to you with a few options. I will never, ever guarantee a pee repair. Your carpet manufacturer voids your warranty for a reason at this point, I’m not going to own your problem.

What I will guarantee is that we will go farther than anyone else at trying to correct your problem. We have had satisfied customers and a few unhappy. The unhappy are cat owners. Cat pee is the very worst.

Trust me, it’s not all about taking your money that we will deserve but it’s about providing you honest options. We do this a lot, crawling around in oily pet urine to make your situation as resolved as possible.

Remember that the urine not only breeds mold but the bacteria of urine that continually wicks back to the surface is extremely unhealthy to you.

Do not! Do not treat urine with a home carpet machine, this just pushes more moisture into the backing and pad since there is no balance with water pressure and extraction pressure.

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