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Traditional Franchise carpet cleaning companies do not have the experience or understanding to solve your pet problems when it comes to pet odor treatment. They are however extremely motivated to upsell for that 30% commission. But, snake oils and so called water with power is just a cover up.

First of all, the depth of the contamination must be seen:

Pet urine contamination inspection

We do it professionally not imaginary! We don’t use a useless UV light but a more meter that shows active urine along with the depth level. Then we pull back an area to see how bad it is, the carpet backing contamination, the pad, tack strips, baseboards and sub-floor. Without this you’re operating in the blind.

Our process is to give you real world options and out comes and let you decide. Many times a customer will choose to just clean the carpet itself. We will explain that process to a customer but tell them that it will all wick back in time. But with this process we have state of the art chemistry with 2 options: pre-condition with an enzyme a natural malodor treatment with essential oils. What makes this different from those shady Franchise Carpet Cleaners especially the one on the radio is that this is No Charge it’s your option. The up selling franchise that claims special water loves to upsell on this. As a professional experienced carpet cleaning service we have preconditioner for every type of carpet and situation and this is always included in our price.

When we perform anything above carpet cleaning such as a repair it is extra. We give you options and prices. If it is urine removal it is considered a repair since something above and beyond carpet cleaning must happen.

A 100% guarantee? No way! We like to be honest, sure we know you are used to the smell and will probably jump for joy at the results. We’ve done this so much that many times we can still pick up on some odor. Even once we’ve flushed out the carpet and backing, changed the pad, tack strips, sealed the sub-floor and changed the baseboards, sometimes we can still pick it up. The next step is you. We give you a product to do odor control.

Sure, yeah, many out there claim odor removal. Those inexperienced people need to learn and you should call them first so they can learn a lesson. If they guarantee it then DO NOT PAY if you still smell anything. You see, your 25 year carpet warranty is VOID once urine hits it for very good reason, it is a tough thing to remove especially from the carpet backing. We have removed carpet that was taken to a rug plant for emersion cleaning and has always come back with the smell. We know from over 25 years of experience that complete odor removal is not always possible and that odor control will be the next step to finalize it.

Our chemistry for urine and odor is cutting edge but it also depends on level of contamination.

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