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About Miracle Services

Leading the industry since 1994 providing the best residential & commercial carpet cleaning in San Diego. We also provide all residential carpet repair.

We’re not your ordinary carpet cleaners, no gimmicks, no bait and switch, we are green, organic, non toxic, truck mount steam clean, deep carpet cleaning service. We also provide dry cleaning & low moisture commercial carpet cleaning methods. You will notice on our Specials page that we include it all and more at just 1 price. No gimmicks! We won’t even try to sell you scotchgard teflon protectant, in fact we’ll do our best to talk you out of that gimmick.

With over 2 decades of expeience we are a full service carpet care company that also provides Tile and Grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and carpet repair ranging from carpet stretching to your bleach stain color dye correction. We also provide pet urine contamination restoration. Honesty with options, we focus on your needs.  We’re not another franchise that sends out employees on a 30% commissions sales mission like the ones that advertise on the radio with untruths. Instead we are a local veteran owned & operated service. Never in a hurry like a franchise or multiple truck operation. Feel the clean  with our Miracle No Soap clean and pure water flush & rinse. No injected chemicals, soaps or water with power (chemical made water). Enjoy a true clean with no residues.A high flow flush & rinse to ensure each fiber is flushed clean instead of low pressure low water that doesn’t deep clean. Our process leaves you dryer that any other service out there.


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Carpet Cleaning: Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions

  Miracle Services Green Carpet cleaning uses true  Eco Friendly cleaning solutions that are Green Seal Certified, natural, green, organic and hypoallergenic. No harsh chemicals, no lye like that franchise, just a pure natural soft water steam clean.

This non-toxic, no soap cleaning pre-conditioner is chemical free and completely rinses away along with the dirt leaving no soapy or chemical residue behind. Best, we don’t turn our water into sodium hydroxide and inject that into our rinse water. A certain  franchise makes claims the leave no residue but whatever get’s injected into the rinse water leaves that residue.

Our prime human safe solution is typically found in food or drink and considered FDA food grade products. True safe earth friendly cleaning.

These solutions contain all natural ingredients – no petrochemicals, carcinogens, perfumes, surfactants, phosphates, NTA, EDTA, alkali builders, acidic or volatile organic compounds.

The best part is that our cleaning solutions are healthier and completely safe for us the daily user and thus for you and your family.

Many that use us are allergy sufferers, people with a comprimised immune system, those that are sensitive to chemicals or fragarences and mothers going through nesting syndrome. 

Since we don’t leave a soap or chemical residue and do not use harsh chemicals we are ideal for those situations where children and pets crawl on the carpets.

We are extremely strict on all things we use to ensure our safety since we are constant users of our products that I require to be human safe first.

Natural is good, yes, but our natural has to be human safe, there is a big difference and this is what fools many users and consumers.

Many natural environmentally friendly things exist that are poisons and are not safe for humans.  We avoid all non- human safe products. 

When we get into your home I encourage you to ask what we use and to google the listed ingredients for yourself.

Our cleaning solutions carry many certifications such as: the Certified Green Seal, Envirodesic, Environmental Choice, Eco-Label, Carpet and Rug Institute, Woolsafe and other many supporting organizations.

When safe non-toxic ingredients with quality matters call us.

Carpet Cleaning: Signature Fast Dry Service

Our signature fast dry service is an option and recommended during the humid season and winter rainy days. Every bit of our cleaning routine is about moisture control. As carpet repair experts we know carpet backing and the extreme importance of not getting it wet. Today’s carpet backing consist of polyester mesh coated with only 20% latex and 80% clay. It used to be the other way around. So you can see that our focus is also on preserving the integrity of your carpet backing.

We also specialize in drought friendly carpet cleaning with our Low Moisture steam clean to Dry cleaning methods when water saving and water restrictions apply. We are masters at this. Most of our commercial carpet cleaning service is a dry cleaning method or a combination of truck mounted hot water extraction. Commercial carpet is very much different than residential carpets.

Don’t forget, our signature fast dry service is always available at request. It’s a necessity for jobs with miscellaneous spills that have entered the backing and pad that will probably wick back up during the drying phase. I highly recommend it for rainy day service or cloudy humid days. Our unique patented 360 degrees down draft fan dryers expedite the evaporation process like no other.

Carpet Repair

It seems every home with carpet 80% of the time requires some sort of repair. There was a time when all carpet cleaners knew their trade and your carpet was fully serviced during your cleaning visit. We can provide those needed repairs whether it’s a patch, re-stretch, carpet stretching or spot dye color repair.

Your residential carpet warranty is usually for 25 years and comes with exclusions. The most important one is “cleaning periodicity”. You are required to get a cleaning within 12-18 month depending on your warranty to keep it in force. Another exclusion is damage or cleaning method. Dry cleaning can void your warranty due to damage such as “tip blooming”. Although dry cleaning is an oxymoron and rearranges dirt it also can damage carpet fibers. This is why we will only use Hot Water Extraction method via truck mounted steam clean all residential accounts.

Many carpets have wrinkles due to bad subcontracted installers, your install warranty is only good for 1 year! They know this. Call us for a post install inspection. Call us to clean at 15 months and we find loose carpet then getting it fixed is on you. Yes, we constantly repair these but it shouldn’t be this way. If it wasn’t installed correctly then your 25-year carpet warranty is void!

The Best Carpet Cleaning in San Diego For a Reason

Higher standards, better results and full service in all carpet care.

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Case Study: Dry Clean vs. Miracle Clean

The picture on the side is where we cleaned a “Hi” in the room where the carpet was dry a few days prior and the client complained of crunchy stiff fibers that still smelled dirty. This method is only applied to commercial building cleaning for commercial plastic ole-fin fiber.

For your home let’s get the dirt gone! It’s your sanctuary. Let’s not leave any soapy or chemical resides and keep it organic if possible. Let’s be honest, we do run into some very bad situations that will not be organic.

We use only the best-proven tools to apply to each situation.

Give us a call, schedule your appointment in advance and enjoy a professional, non-residue, perfectly natural and a clean & dry cleaning for a change.

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