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Truck mount carpet cleaning

Since 1994 we have served San Diego as a veteran owner operated green carpet cleaning service. As a carpet care service we service Tile & Grout and Upholstery cleaning.

Most important is that we repair carpet. San Diego carpet cleaning goes hand in hand with cleaning. There was a day when all carpet cleaners were all things carpet but not any more.

Today’s carpet cleaners especially the multi truck operations are all about selling franchises and upselling once in your home. Getting into your home and making more money is the goal.

Today many quality owner operated carpet cleaning services still do carpet inspections, carpet repairs and carpet cleaning. Having a qualified carpet person in your home is crucial especially for warranty claims.

Sadly, most carpet cleaners are just janitors and have no clue even as to what fiber of carpet they are cleaning. They have no understanding of the construction or the carpet system. In order to provide carpet cleaning they should know all that.

There are many new carpet systems going in today and unfortunately most of them are junk carpet made of cheap polyester. These products are spun into advertisements to bait you into buying them.

When we confront these junk carpets we inspect it first for any possible claims you can make and your warranty list a few issues we always find with polyesters.

Every carpet inspection starts with an install inspection. Any quality owner operated carpet person does this even though it takes a little extra time. Most installs are never correct and this can void your 25 year warranty.

We can write it up for you so you can go directly to the one who sold it to you and sub-contracted the installers. This way you can get it repaired without paying us to do so. This what owner operated carpet cleaning is all about rather than a bigger operation with employees on 30% commission sale motivation.

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