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Owner operated Carpet repair san diego

When you need quality & detail it is always best to go with owner operated carpet repair in San Diego. There are way too many middle men out there that make money by sub-contracting your job out to a local business. This is always where the problems of no shows, poor quality and sub standard work happens. This is the #1 problem of carpet installs that never get power stretched to standard. This is why your carpets develop wrinkles, bubbles and buckling.

Carpet buckling san diego
Loose carpet

Carpet stretching is our #1 carpet repair since 80% of installs never get the required power stretching. This is very simply because most of the time the installers are sub-contractors not professionals. The store that you bought the carpet from never inspect the install of the hired installers. A year later we are out to your house fixing the problem that should have never happened in first place.

Pet damage to carpet is our 2nd most frequent carpet repair. People love to lock a pet in a room and like any smart animal they will try to dig or eat their way out in the corner by the door.Carpet pet damage patched

Pet Damage repaired

Carpet pet damage patch

Then sometimes, like the picture above, they just want to chew on something. It is all repairable and we do this a lot during a cleaning service. Most new customers are just not aware that a good carpet cleaning service can & will repair your carpet too. These types of pet damage repairs or any carpet patch repair requires the same carpet to patch with. You should either have extra of same or I can take it from a closet.

You can get an idea of our prices here by clicking on the Specials Page or send me a text picture of your issue(s). I just need the area of San Diego you are in with those pictures to ensure that I service your area. Text or call me @ 619.990.3541. I think that by choosing an owner operated carpet repair San Diego service, you will get that certain quality you deserve.Owner operated carpet repair & stretching


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