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Who do you want on your carpet job, a franchise tech that is 30% commission sales orientated or the owner of the owner operated carpet cleaning business?

Let’s face it, you can’t beat owner operated carpet cleaning in San Diego that is steam clean truck mount service . We’ve contemplated going larger but that puts me back into the stress mode like the Navy again. All too many carpet cleaning employees are just too extra motivated on the 30% commissions for ad on and up sells. When you don’t buy then the motivation is lost. Besides, we just don’t sell, we’re scheduled for what you requested and that’s all we are doing. No sells once in your home!

Techs are here today gone tomorrow, you need the experienced

I’m on every job and the 1st priority is to take in the big picture. The carpet inspection or audit is 1st. Your carpet has two warranties, 1 is from the mfr and is normally 25 years and the other is from the Installer. BEWARE: the install warranty is valid for a year and your 25 year mfr warranty hinges on a proper install. If you need to make a claim and the inspector finds your carpet loose from “no powerstretch” then your 25 year is void. If you call on your install warranty and it’s over a year, too bad. It’s all on your done now. If I find your carpet loose or anything else before that 1 year then you’re getting new carpet. If it was not installed correctly it’s “damaged goods” and is required to be replaced.

Loose carpet is all too typical but that doesn’t make it right.

We can repair your carpet before we clean it

We can fix loose carpet for you by stretching it if you’re install is out of  its 1year warranty, but here is another issue we find that really bothers me:

The majority of installers are subcontractors that won the bid by being the cheapest bidder. Once in your home it’s make up time, cut every corner. The above photo shows 2 different colors because the Carpet was not all layed in the same direction. The rooms later in one direction but the small hallway layed another. It was probably a scrap and a large amount of carpet you paid for just got saved and is probably going home with that installer. Often times this also happens when there is not enough on a roll and another section gets pulled off another roll of same but a different lot#. This is not supposed to go down this way but it does thanks to the new way of subcontracting. We can’t fix that for you.

Get an indepedent install inspection!

Getting a professional independent carpet install inspection is very much worth it to nip it in the bud, chances are you won’t be calling for carpet cleaning before your 1 year install warranty expires. If you get a clueless carpet cleaner from one of the franchise’s you won’t get a carpet audit either.

As professional carpet cleaning in San Diego we inspect it all, many times the little issues we can address with the cleaning at no extra charge. We traditionally provide 2 minor repairs. Minor repairs to us are: transition repair, small color loss spots or small pet damage patch at a doorway.

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