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Real Organic Green Carpet Cleaning

Trust me we know hard it is to find the real thing. We claim to be organic green carpet cleaning and are absolutely transparent in what we use.

We actually show you  for your peace of mind. There are many that claim they are green or organic but are not.

Many so called “green carpet cleaning products” are available at local carpet cleaning supply stores but no where come close to that definition.

Local carpet cleaners take these products at face value, buy it and use it and advertise it. A favorite is a product that is phosphate based. The phosphoric acid is not our thing.

I could do a fake advertisement on a product here like other cleaners do and use it to sell because the truth no longer sells, but the honest fact is that “our health” is #1 priority.

We work this everyday almost, we’re around it, we get it on us and have to breathe it.  You better believe that I’m protecting myself.

If we have found a product that we know to be safe for us then we know we are bringing you the very best and safest available.

Rotary carpet extraction

Rotary carpet extraction with the rotovac

We provide rotary carpet cleaning extraction at no extra cost but not all carpets are candidates for this. The 1st thing we do is inspect your carpet for power stretch tight.

A large percentage of carpets are incorrectly installed and loose. These rapidly breaks down at the backing and a rotary extractor will further the damage.

What about Trashed Carpets?

So, there are exceptions to green organic carpet cleaning. If we have to do the impossible on a nasty neglected carpet we step it up.

Trashed carpets require a different level of Green product. We prefer not to go there since it contains an orange oil solvent.

Orange oil solvent also known as citrus solvent is natural but that does not mean its human safe. But it does beat using a typical nast solvent.

Then there are times we have to go with an enzyme product due to carpets soaked in pet urine. Just remember that we are more concerned about non-toxic than you are.

Whatever we use to gets flushed & rinsed away along with your nasty stuff in the carpet. End goal – clean and free of residue.

Our Miracle technique of no soap pre-cleaners is to Flush. Extract, Rinse & Extract with just soft water. This leaves carpets cleanest residual free.

What about Spots & Stains

When it comes to stubborn spots or stains that won’t come out with our green products then it is time to break out the chemistry. We use it as a last resort.

Many claim to remove stains but a stain is defined as a spot that is permanent. Once you’ve done everything possible and it’s still there then what?

You look stupid if you can’t remove a stain or spot that you said you can, which is why we will never tell you we are so great that we get all stains out.

We can remove any permanent stain that we want to because we also do carpet repair in San Diego. It may require a patch as last resort.

We can cut out a permanent carpet stain and patch it such as furniture stains. These do not come out until we cut them out and patch your carpet.

Bleached spots can be dyed most of  the the time. Polyester carpet bleach stains can not be dyed and will require a patch.

Carpet stain repair

Carpet stain patchSensitivities 

Today many people have certain sensitivities especially allergies. This is why we specialize in hypoallergenic carpet cleaning where people need allergy relief or allergy free carpet cleaning.

Our product contains no fragrance, is a non-soap organic carpet cleaning agent and is especially great for expecting mothers going through nesting syndrome.

Those with compromised immune systems search us out, especially those leaving the hospital going back home.

We normally clean the carpets by applying our  Miracle safe solution and provide our extreme high heat deep flush & rinse clean.

Trust me, it’s all about the water! Not that stupid “power” water that “zero who” franchise alters into a chemical. No, we use just real water to leave only a water residue.

No fakes! Not going to B.S. just to get the job. I wouldn’t transform water into lye and tell you its green and leaves no residues.

Give us a call, we can help if you have yet to find a real green organic carpet cleaning service. Click here for our prices.

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