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When getting your carpets cleaned the organic carpet steam clean way without the residue call an EcoFriendly Carpet Cleaning Service like Miracle Services. If your carpet cleaner will not show what they are using with a list of ingredients for you to google, then they are hiding something. Just because they say they clean with alkaline water does not mean that water isn’t chemically infused. It’s called chemical injection. We clean with just soft water, no chemical in our steam clean water. All carpet cleaners apply a preconditioner and then steam clean it. Our preconditioner is an organic product, then cleaned away with pure fresh soft water.

We’ve been doing this for over 26 years and started with an all natural cleaning solution. “Organic” was the big word then, now it’s “Green” but, green has morphed into any definition today and has lost it’s identity in true definition. Bottom line is has to be Human safe and Planet safe not one or the other. There are many natural, organic, and green poisons and they are obviously not human safe. Many, many eco-friendly and green carpet cleaning cleaners are sold to carpet cleaners. You gotta love the ones that say not to get it on your skin, use in a well ventilated room and other warnings. We’ve used them all and by the way, Procyon in our experience and opinion is not green or safe enough to use. It is the Green, natural and eco-friendly chemical of choice since it has a great marketing write up.

Ingredients & Transparancy 

It all comes down to ingredients and we take that seriously. We are the users of these products day in and day out and have to ensure our health and safety. So we personally keep it to ingredients and not to the latest fad cleaner. There is no way we will use phosphates or phosphoric acid like some natural green cleaners that are readily available. Once in your home we show you exactly what we use. If your cleaner won’t show you the ingredients and product name so you can google it then dont use them.

Don’t be a victim to advertisment 

Im not going to blubber on like many do to convince you we are out to save the world and we are saving you. We clean green with organic carpet cleaners without the harsh chemicals for one #1 reason: us. We are safe carpet cleaners for our health since we do this all day. The carpet industry as any industry has it’s corruptions and cleaning chemicals is one of them. They know carpet cleaners are not very brilliant and sell many cleaners through decietful practices. You can not add 1 natural ingredient that is harmful to humans and the rest toxic chemicals and tout it as Green! But yet they do. Then that same advertisement on the back of the chemical jug is shilled onto you. We encourage all our customers to google our product and ingredients once in your home.


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