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Since 1994 we have been Organic Carpet Cleaning San Diego | Quick Fast Dry Service Scripps Ranch. The whole idea was to keep ourselves from being exposed to chemicals daily.

Natural organic carpet cleaning

The non-toxic safe way for carpet cleaning.

Since 1994 we have cleaned carpet in San Diego the Organic way whenever possible. It truly is a better way to clean since it is a no soap and no chemical carpet cleaning service. Soap and chemical residues are problematic for carpets. Soaps when hit with water suds out into tiny suds that are almost impossible to rinse out and most carpet cleaners are not high flow cleaners that have the ability or the time to flush out the soap.

But, not all carpets are candidates for this process. Many times we encounter trashed carpets that have been neglected for several years or carpets that are heavily soiled with Pet urine and pet body oils. Then there are the restaurant carpets laden with food and oils, organic won’t cut it. It is then that we boost our product with another green safe product. Sure, yes we also deploy our powerful extraction rotary service with high scrubbing brushes for agitation. We are equipped for it all.

True Organic and Zero anything Residue except Water!

I’m ex 21 year military, the B.S. stops right here! Almost all advertising is fake and bloated with want you want to hear. Carpet cleaning organically without chemicals is this and this only, and forget zerorez we do not run any lye/sodium hydroxide in our water. A organic, human safe product gets applied to your carpet, it dwells, breaking down soils, oils and contaminates. Then with high flow water that is heated to 260 degrees at the truck comes in and flushes and rinses your problems away with high pressure vacuum. No ACIDS, no LYE, just pure water, end of story – no contaminating residue like all those that claim they won’t leave a residue. The truth is that our process leaves a water residue because everything leaves a residue. At the end of the day do you want your children or pets on a carpet with zero residue lye or acid or an honest residue of just water?

Fast Dry Service Carpet Cleaning for San Diego Scripps Ranch

I invented it while other carpet cleaners left you soaked to dwell in the mold and mildew! Now many try to use the verbage  but we as carpet repair experts know all things carpet. Getting the backing wet is criminal! Should not, and can not happen! This is why moisture control is absolutely paramount. Rotary extraction will soak your carpet backing! Sure, yeah, it’s a sale trend to gullible carpet cleaners for ease of cleaning and quick get outs but can be very damaging. We know that a loose carpet can not be cleaned with a rotary but does your carpet cleaner no that or care?

Fast quick dry carpet cleaning san diego

Honesty doesn’t sell anymore but I don’t care, sleeping at night matters to me. Iv’e been doing this myself since 1994 and I know that you don’t have to give in to chemical laden carpets or fake green or organic carpet cleaners in San Diego or Scripps Ranch.

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