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Miracle Services is organic carpet cleaners in San Diego. We have been your carpet cleaning service since 1994.

While still on active duty I had studied carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning and consumer complaints of carpet cleaners.

After several carpet cleaning classes I seen a trend – the person providing the class was a chemical company shill. I could see the push to use certain chemicals.

Most of the chemical ingredients were scary so I looked them up and studied the MSDS sheets. I knew then that I needed to scrutinize every cleaning agent available.

This may seem like a small thing to you but I was about to start my second career and be in daily contact with this stuff. Have it on my truck with the fumes, get it on my skin, breathe it while working with it and introduce it to peoples homes.

So, I rebelled against the industry standard of chemical use and went my own path on keeping it safe for me. I knew if I did that then my customers would be safe too. I tried every available thing available at the time but it wasn’t popular then.

Many were just fakes, organic and green were defined by the chemical manufacturers. Finally we found a few like minded cleaners that went out and made safe true organic carpet cleaning solutions.

Once we found the safe stuff we found them to be weak and had to boost them ourselves to work. We finally had a great organic cleaner. Years passed and Green was cool, so came some more new cleaners.

We went through all the new green carpet cleaners still finding fault and deceit in the ingredients. They made good advertisements on them though! Then we found it, a true green organic carpet cleaner that had all natural product. Human safe to boot instead of safe for the planet, unsafe for humans.

Organic carpet cleaning San Diego can have many definitions but the only definition we wanted was that it was safe for us every day. Many natural chemicals are not human safe. Many natural chemicals are not safe for the environment.

A typical at the ready green, natural carpet cleaner that most get is a phosphate cleaner. The phosphoric acid and phosphates are horrible for the eco systems. The product ate a lot of our metal components from use and has an odd warning not to get on wood finish. This we do not define as green or organic.

There are those that run chemicals through their cleaning water. This is chemical injection. Like that franchise you hear about with the residue thing. I’m sorry  it converting the cleaning water to sodium hydroxide/lye is not Green in our book. Same goes goes for those that run an acid through it.

Our cleaning water is simply a soft water, soft water cleans much better. We apply our green cleaner separately to the carpet, then flush, extract, rinse and extract. This is the ideal non-residue style of carpet cleaning.

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