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One of the most typical carpet repairs that we run into during a carpet cleaning is pet odor. Odor removal from carpet in San Diego is the toughest thing due to various carpet fibers and the entire carpet system.

Odor control is the rule of thumb that many won’t tell you but rather make a claim that they will remove the odor. Those are the types you should go to, get it in writing and get a refund if the odor is left behind. These new businesses that start up and believe every shill that comes along with a new product need to learn the hard way.

When it comes to carpet odors from pet urine, locating the source is the first step. Identifying the carpet fiber, inspecting the carpet backing, inspecting the carpet pad and then the sub-floor is next. You can not neglect the sub-floor inspection as most will for odor removal from carpet. Here is why:

Odor removal from carpet
Mold on sub-floor & the carpet backing

By coming in and feeding the mold or leaving it behind can be a serious healrh issue plus liability issue. The carpet pad was removed & replaced with new, the mold on the sub-floor cleaned and then sealed. The carpet backing was then cleaned of mold & urine, carpet seamed back together and then carpet cleaned. The contaminated area was treated after with a quaternary ammonia chloride several times (odor control) until the odor was gone.

Odor control for odor removal is the truth. This means after this mess gets cleaned up, urine removed and treated, you start up odor control. We leave you a product that you must apply weekly until odor is gone. I personally do not suffer a horrific urine mess where a customer believes like magic that “there” problem will be solved. ODOR CONTROL is a process that happens after I’m gone or pay me weekly to come in and do it.

Satisfied customers are those that watched the golden brown urine get flushed out of the carpet system. They are also those that have lived with it for years & its severely reduced that they can’t smell it. Honestly, however, someone who does not live there will still pick it up.

I know, I know, I should be a putz, politically correct and lie to you. But here it is: carpet was not designed to be urinated on, it was especially not designed to be pee’d on daily and then fixed. Your warranty is void when urine hits it and I’m not going to warranty my work as “odor removed”.

Odor removal from carpet
1 cat did this, imagine the smell

We do our very best by going all the way and that is removing the contaminated tack strips, pad, cleaning & sealing sub floor and then the carpet backing and pad:

Pet urine in carpet system

After doing this for 26 years, trying every cure there is, I say replace the carpet if you want the odor 100% removed. Sure, yeah, we can remove the urine and bacteria but will never, ever, claim odor removal. Do not buy the false securities such as a pet carpet or pet padding! There is only one carpet I recommend for pets and that is by Shaw and it’s called Lifeguard with a thermoplastic backing. No, I’m not a shill for Shaw, I have no love for Shaw. But my experience with Lifeguard is positive.

Pet body odor is another issue that is somewhat easier depending on the carpet fiber type. Certain fibers are not absorbant and others are not. Absorbant fibers can and will get impregnated with body odor. They need to be treated, sealed and again – odor control needs to be carried out.

What you can do as a pet owner is buy an ozone generator such as an Alpine. Again, I’m not a shill for Alpine, in fact in my opinion they do more damage than good. Ozone provides great oxidation cleaning for odors and mold. I do not believe anyone should fall for the claim that you should run one all day every day. We have an overload of unhealthy ozone in SoCal. I run an ozone generator when the house is empty and will be for many hours or days. I crank mine up, leave and when I come home I turn it off, open all windows and leave for a few hours. This is what it takes to control odors and many things that cause odors.

Warning, if you use ozone to control odor and if you have areas your pet urine on, it will smell worse. As the ozone goes after it, it will smell bad, this is why it should be removed first. When we apply our Miracle urine solution it makes it smell so bad as it works that we need to leave the room. This is your sign that it’s working. Give us a call when you need help with your odor removal from the carpet.

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