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Odor Removal Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair is Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning.

People notice odors when entering a home or building. It’s called first impressions. There’s are many ways to cover it up and this is called “odor control”.

Odor control is normally a process we promote after a carpet odor repair. This means that we must remove as much of the source as possible and most carpet cleaners won’t exercise this. Most carpet cleaners are new generation cleaners that just clean carpet only.

Carpet cleaning only guys are very limited and most carpet do require some form of carpet repair. Applying any kind of deodorizer is just a temporary (in hours) cover up 100%. Many are afraid to inform the customer of this since they are very limited.

Miracle Service Green Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair is extremly qualified and experienced at doing the ultimate for odor removal. As an honest, real reality carpet cleaning and repair service, we won’t lie to you. There are many things involved at odor removal and it first requires a detailed inspection and then at “removing” the source.

Many carpet cleaners educated by the the advertisment on the back of a chemical jug will claim “odor removal”. Miracle Services has been doing this for 26 years and we will never claim “odor removal” to get the job.

The cause of the odors is most often caused by pets and is very easy to locate and service. Many use a UV light but we consider that a scare tool to sell the customer on urine contamination. We have removed so much urine from carpets, carpet backing and carpet pad that will forever show on a UV light scare. The Hydro Meter detects active urine and it the honest way to locate and provide options.

If there are other odors besides pet odor it is usually not in the carpet. Even so we can provide a malodor treatment designed to counter odors in an addition to an enzyme pre- conditioner.

Every odor leaves a trail to where it originates and we’ll locate it by a thorough inspection, wich usually requires pulling the carpet up that most limited cleaners will not do. Once we find the cause we can give you options and go to work.

Such odor sources are wood tack strips, carpet pad, baseboatds, sub-floor and the carpet backing.

Our Miracle non-toxic working, odor eating substances that we use usually takes care of most odor in the carpet backing. This is a latex coated backing that is the hardest area to remove odors from.

Now, just so you know and to be perfectly honest like no one else will-if your carpet gets a sewage spill or overflow, the carpet must be replaced for human health issues. So, what about pet urine contaminated carpet?What, it’s not the same? The point is to consider replacement. Sure, yeah, I’m a bad business man but I have to be honest. The bacteria that wicks up from pet urine not repaired will wick up for years from the pad unless repaired. Cleaning the carpet fibers and useing an odor treatment is very temporary.

Without a professional qualified carpet cleaner to track down your odor and visually inspect it you may have a severe mold issue.

Most wood sub-floors with urine contamination will mold with black wood mold. Do not let it go without a proper professional inspection unless you’re not concerned.

Give us a call to help you with your odor problems and let us give you some options.

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