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The Safe Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning San Diego Alternative 

We specialize in safe non-toxic carpet cleaning San Diego. Is it because we are die hard environmentalist? No! It’s simply because we protect ourselves from the daily routine of hazardous chemical use that so many carpet cleaners use. There are way too many hazardous carpet cleaning products available that even claim to be Green, Natural and organic but when you look at the ingredients there is a very tiny percentage of those ingredients. The rest are health hazardous.

Yes, sure those nasty chemicals work quick and are easily available and cheap which is why carpet cleaners gravitate to such. Now put a stamp on it with “Natural” and even better. No, most carpet cleaners do not research the ingredients of the product but feel safe if it’s claimed to be “Green” even though there is only 3%  of a green ingredient.

After 26 years of running and operating an organic carpet cleaning san diego service we have perfected our cleaning solution line to the absolute safest possible.

No Fake Green Cleaners

We do not use the very typical product called Procyon, our experience and opinion is that it does not meet our definition of green, non- toxic or safe. Phosphates are not green in our book.

It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to understand carpet, repair and the cleaning dynamics. For decades professional carpet cleaners have been fixated on soaps and residues.Cleaners

True No Soap Carpet Cleaning

We have always tested cleaning products that we use. What those of us who are professional have avoided “soaps”. Why? Because soap explodes into to tiny bubbles that is uncontrollable to remove with high pressure water. The residue left behind is incredible.

The professional carpet cleaner will not use a foamy cleaning product! If it’s cheap and cleans well and foams like crazy you can bet the carpet cleaner that is clueless will use it. Then they add another chemical to the carpet called a “defoamer”.Cleaning

We Use a True Residue-Free Product and Do Not Run Water With Sodium Hydroxide Just Pure Soft Water

Residue, it’s always been the professionals enemy. In the last 30+ years it’s been the #1 priority to all carpet cleaners that understand what they are doing. The non residues technique is nothing new.

That radio franchise you constantly hear about jumped on it, and through radio ads made it sound like all other carpet cleaners used nothing but soaps and chemicals.  This is true of most franchises and unethical carpet cleaners. For franchises, making carpet cleaning very simple for employees that don’t stick around very long is key.

Simple means that after applying the pre-condition to the carpet, you then run a chemical or soap through your cleaning water. The cleaning water is supposed to be the rinse. Whatever is in the water will leave that residue even if your business name claims otherwise. This is called chemical injection or now – water with power.

Carpet techs from franchise operations or big truck operations are sent out on up to 5-6 jobs a day. They are bent only on 30% upsell commission sells and they are pushed to upsell. If you don’t buy then that tech loses all motivation and you get the ” Splash & Dash.

Carpet Residue

What any professional carpet cleaner will do is test his or her cleaning solutions for any foaming and residue. There is good residue and there is bad residue. Everything leaves a residue even water.Residue

What we do is test our concentrated cleaners in petri dishes to see how they dry. Gewey sticky residue is not going to cut it but one that dries to a hard crystal and does not adhere to the dish is our choice.

Even though our residue-free product is easily rinsed out, it still must pass the petri dish test. There always is a possibility of missing a spot while cleaning. More importantly is the fact that it rinses free.

The Best Quality of Our Safe Non-Toxic Product is That it Self Neutralizes Itself

Our products pass those tests but go a step further – they self neutralize even though it is a High Alkaline organic cleaner. If we got sloppy and didn’t clean over an area we preconditioned with our product it would self neutralize and never attract soil. It would stand out as not cleaned. This is why we make multiple slow passes over carpet to flush, rinse and extract.

For us, cleaning carpet has to go down safe, if it’s safe for us as daily users then I know you’re absolutely safe. Call the ones that perform organic carpet cleaning in Sa Diego since 1994.

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