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The Green way to clean

No, we won’t use a high ph, high alkaline cleaner to clean your carpet. It is ridiculous to run any chemicals through our cleaning water such as LYE (sodium hydroxide) and then claim we didn’t leave residues in the carpet. Worse, would be to claim that’s Green! We prefer to go with non-toxic green carpet cleaning free of residue San Diego by applying a natural, safe, truly green product directly to your carpet and then flush and rinse it out with pure fresh water that isn’t adulterated with any chemicals.

No fake green carpet cleaning

We are transparent to our San Diego customers as non-toxic green carpet cleaning free of residue in exactly what we use. No WATER FEE and unlike all those out of state owned companies that sell franchises we do not attempt to upsell you or Bait & Switch, you won’t have to pay anything extra with us: $25 per spot treatment is hiway robbery! Franchise techs get a large commission for the extras they can sell you.

Owner operated for quality

When transparency, honesty and quality matter give us a call. No worries of surprises once in your home which is why I personally schedule your job rather than an online schedule application. You and I will nail down exactly what you need and how much it will cost. Forget the new trend of 5 hour arrival windows, we usually arrive early even with our 1 hour window.

We’ve been doing thisquality: npn-toxic green carpet cleaning free of residue San Diego since 1994 and specialized in cleaning up the industry. The typical complaints are always the same that the franchise companies can’t get away from and the Bait & Switch operators. We pride ourselves in providing you with real service expediting the dry time and providing you with needed carpet repairs.

Check out our Specials page for prices and exactly what you get, I think you will find you get much more than anyone else can or will.

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