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Non-Toxic carpet cleaning

When it comes to non-toxic cleaning for safe carpet cleaning we pride ourselves at being San Diego’s most non-toxic cleaning  in San Diego ever.

We are absolutely transparent of what we use and don’t hide what we use and just label it Green, Organic, or Non-Toxic. Unlike that franchise that uses Lye in thier water and claims it won’t leave a residue and that its green we won’t!

We show our clientele exactly what we use and encourage them to look up each ingredient.

As an owner operator I’m bent on making my job as safe as possible by using the absolute safest products possible. The end result is the safest carpet cleaning for you.

There are many so called “Green” products available to carpet cleaners. Unfortunately anyone can claim Green/Organic/Natural and define it thier own way.

My advise to all my clients is not to take my word or anyone else’s when it comes to Safe carpet cleaning. You need to verify for yourself. You need to express your issues such as allergies, sensativities or any chemical issues. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to come out after another so called “organic carpet cleaner” that wasn’t and left residues in the carpet that effected the entire family. Once it took 5 cleanings to flush out the soaps the previous organic carpet cleaner used. Soap explodes into tiny suds that spread and stay behind. This is why our Hypoallergenic no soap cleaner is used.

When you want the definition of “safe, non-toxic, green, organic, or natural” give us try we are very transparent in what we use.

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