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It’s a beutiful thing when you can get your carpets cleaned naturally. We are non-toxic green carpet cleaning Rancho Bernardo and San Diego.Safe green carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

We prefer to clean the natural safe way instead of the so typical toxic way. As an owner operator I’m concerned about my health since I’m daily user of what I use.

Our customer health concerns are number 1 and we simply have that covered since we go 150% out of our way to protect ourselves.

There are many carpet cleaning chemicals available and they all have advertisements and an MSDS sheet. Problem is most carpet cleaners believe the advertisement just as the consumer believe radio commercials about carpet cleaners. You know, the Zero Who folks.

Common sense is hard to find today and many people rather have someone else think for them. We investigate everything that we use and ignore the advertisement hype. When it comes to your health and your families then you should know our process and product ingredients.

Like that radio commercial franchise carpet cleaning outfit that slams other carpet cleaners with slander, we wouldn’t dare convert our water to sodium hydroxide/lye and tell you it’s green and safe. Our simple process is to flush & rinse your carpet with pure fresh soft water. I can’t imagine breathing in the steam vapor of caustic lye yet leaving that residue behind for you.

Non-Toxic carpet cleaning apparently has to be defined because many just want to play stupid and use things that are toxic. We do not use the famous Green cleaner Procyon! Phosphates are not human friendly and toxic to our eco system.

But what I really like are so called Green, natural organic cleaners that claim to use carbonated water except with a secret proprietary ingredient. Oh brother, honesty just dies not sell anymore.

When green matters, safe carpet cleaning with a no residues process and a transparent cleaning product, call us.

Give is a call and let’s see what we can do for you. Visit our website and see our current prices:

Don’t experience the 3 room $119 and the 4th room free Bait & Switch scam. You know the final price will be double or triple. We do not Bait & Switch. We list our prices and everything that you get for that the honest transparent way.


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