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We know how hard it is to find a San Diego carpet cleaner that doesn’t use the traditional carpet soap chemical cleaners. For this reason we are no soapy residue green steam carpet cleaning San Diego. Soapy suds has always been our enemy because the never ending suds cut down our vacuum power. It has been your enemy because the residue that gets left behind attracts new soils.

Since 1994 we have been a green organic carpet cleaning service to San Diego. This means no chemical cleaning. Most important is that we clean with only 100% water unlike that franchise you hear advertising on the radio that claim not to leave a residue. That is really impossible if you have Lye injected in your cleaning water, but snake oil sales has been around for a few hundred years.

The Safest Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

We use non-toxic FDA food grade products that we apply directly to your carpet to naturally break down and suspend all your soils. Other cleaners traditionally run chemicals and soaps injected into thier cleaning water. Since we applied our soap gree natural, organic cleaner to the carpet we can directly flush and rinse it and your soil out with just superheated fresh water. Since we are soap free cleaners there are no suds that just keep exploding into more suds that never can get rinsed out.

No soap no residue rotary carpet cleaners

You get left with squeaky clean carpets and no chemical residue. Our green staples carpet cleaning solution is the best there is. It’s not another fake that many advertise and then you find out it had ingredients that were harmful. We are the ones that actually show you what we use and encourage you to google each ingredient.

Cleaning Technique

Miracle Services is well known for our state of the art tools that are applied to each situation. This allows us to tackle anything.

Rotary carpet cleaning san diegoGreen carpet cleaning san diegoSoap free green carpet cleaning

Whether it is the rotovac or the rx-20 there is always one common issue that keeps us from using them: loose carpet. San Diego being a border town has lot’s of south of the border installers that don’t abide by required standards. The use of a power stretcher is mandatory but hardly used on an install. This is why we have to stretch many a carpet. Using a heavy rotary on a loose carpet will rearrange carpet wrinkles and buckles but more importantly break down the carpet backing. This is why we inspect all carpets before useing any specific tool on it. At the end of the day it all comes down to our modified cleaning wands.

Our wands put out more water volume and extract more than any other tool, best for detail especially in corners rather than a round rotary extractor. Most important is moisture control and not pushing around loose carpet.

We are equipped for all situations and all requirement. If we arrive to find loose carpet then we can stretch them for you first. Dog ate a hole, we can patch it then clean it.

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