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We see it all too often – cleaning up after other carpet cleaners in San Diego. The #1 problem is that most carpet cleaners get and leave carpets too wet. This is why we have always been Fast Dry Carpet cleaning in San Diego.

Moisture control and understanding the carpet fiber and carpet construction is most important. Today’s carpet cleaners miss this. It seems that a majority of carpet cleaners are caught up in price wars and banging out carpet jobs quick. The consumer is at fault also due to price shopping. Cheap, quick carpet cleaning is never clean.

It’s hard to find a carpet cleaner with enough common sense to understand how a carpet cleaning wand or rotary extraction tool works. It seems to be quick wand swipes that shoot out water then suck it up or a rotary tool that rotates at various speeds while squirting and sucking.

When you hire the cheapest carpet cleaner you can find you must know due to their stupidity that they must bang it out quick to make a profit. When you call a franchise like that one on the radio that claim no residue, they send out employees. Franchise employees are always on a commission for extra sales. You don’t buy the extras but demand they honor the advertised price, you lose! There is no motivation except to bang it out and get to the next one to make that commission.

Carpets consist of a primary and secondary backing that is latex and clay coated, a carpet pad is underneath that which is essentially a sponge. None, zero of that should get wet from a carpet cleaning. This is why home carpet cleaning machines ate just as damaging as professional carpet cleaners that lack common sense.

When we get a job where someone has used a home carpet cleaner or used the cheap Splash & Dash guys, we know there will be wicking issues.

Contaminated carpet backing from bad carpet cleaning

This is why we we control our moisture with proper tools, technique and our Fast Dry service. Sure, it takes longer and better and more equipment is required but that’s carpet cleaning by definition. A quick soak down is not the definition of carpet cleaning. All that funk that is in the backing and pad like the picture above will wick back to the surface if that carpet is left wet.

Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

We started this at our inception in 1994 after studying Carpet Cleaning Complaints. Then coming face to face with carpet backing and carpet pad during repairs it was a no brainer that this why most carpet spots and spills return after a carpet cleaning. Now, what prompted writing this was another carpet cleaners job that we were to fix today. It was a vacant rental that was cleaned 2 weeks ago, yes really 2 weeks ago. They needed us to remove the bad odor and the stains and spots. Unfortunately it was still wet! The carpet pad, the backing and the carpet read high for moisture, so we could not clean it. We do not provide flood service which this place actually needs to get the pad and carpet dried out then inspect for mold. Get the wrong carpet cleaner and this is what you can expect:

Moldy wood tack strips
Paper seam tape is organic and can mold

We have repaired too many carpets that have had over wetness issues. It’s always the smell that leads us to an inspection. It can either be mildew or mold. To get the mold you really have to leave it wet for a period of time like today job that we had to leave. Once that pad gets wet the moisture is trapped.

This is why you need to call professional experienced carpet cleaners. Avoid the big franchise companies that send out only motivated commission sales cleaners. Stick to your owner operated services that have good reviews. Price says it all, dishonest carpet cleaners that bait the consumer with too good to be true prices should be your sign not to call. If you’re moving out of a rental do you think you will get your deposit back if at the inspection your carpet is still wet, browning and has that mildew odor?

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