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The True Green Way – No Fragrance Carpet Cleaning

There are many that say they are Green carpet cleaners but when it comes down to chemistry (the ingredients) you will find the fakes. We are extremely open to our customers of what we use and show them the ingredients to Google for themselves.

All Too Many Fake Green Carpet Cleaning Products Available.

Green means that a product is natural, organic, non-toxic but…….. most important that it is human safe. Many will also call it Eco Friendly but carpet cleaning really has nothing to do with the eco system, unless that carpet cleaning waste water enters the eco system. In the state of Kalifornia the waste water goes into the sewer system. Too many natural things are not human safe. Lye (sodium hydroxide) is natural yet it’s used as a carpet cleaner by a certain franchise that labels it green and safe. Anything caustic should never be used to clean carpet but making the job quick and easy for employees rules I guess.

Many of us, sadly, promote a green carpet cleaning product because it’s easily accessible to us and the manufacturer has come up with a good sales script on the cleaning jug. The typical carpet cleaner promotes that, never looking into the actual ingredients or divulging that to the customer. Of course, many manufacturers will not include the ingredients on a carpet cleaning jug, but they hide it in the Safety Data Sheet that the carpet cleaner must search for. Too much work, just sell & promote with the manufacturers script designed to sell.

Fortunately, my business is all about me. I have to protect myself as the end user that constantly dies this day in and day out. If I’m doing that then I am ready to protect my customers. I know that sounds selfish and the truth no longer sells but in my book Honesty is the only way. There is no way that I would use a product decietfully claiming it safe but really knowing it isn’t.

No Fragrance Carpet Cleaning Products

I use a product line that contains no fragrance. I won’t expect you to worry about fragrances but I do. I know the potential neurological issues that fragrances cause. There are synthetic fragrances and there are natural fragrances. It is the synthetic fragrances that we should worry about when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Some people enjoy fragrance with their cleaning simply because they feel it is cleaner. Some people abhor any fragrance. I honor both sides although I’d rather go fragrance free for my sake, but I do offer a natural honey suckle oil to my concerned customers that desire a natural fragrance and of course the synthetic malodor & odorcide treatments.

No fragrance carpet cleaning

I believe in cleaning a carpet without a masking agent. If after cleaning and there is still a problem, then we know that it is a probable carpet backing or carpet pad problem that needs to be found and corrected.

I know it isn’t business smart to sell & pimp extra sells for odors to the customer but I always recommend Baking Soda. Odor control is the key and it is a process not a one time fix. Generous amounts of baking soda applied to your carpet and left to dwell for a day or 2 will start to remove odors. It must be a continued practice until the odor is under control and then used as a preventative measure thereafter.

For the hardcore that love an odor control product with fragrance, I offer that to those that have continued pet issues.

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